“Washington Capitam” For The First Time In The Season Defeated At Home

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April 13, 2022
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Tonight in the framework of the nhl passed the match between «washington capitals» and «toronto maple leafs». The owners won the victory, ovechkin marked his head transmission, kuznetsov – goal, and ilya samsonov – debut in the gate.

Content: 1. «Washington» finally pleased fans2. Video review «washington capitals» – «toronto maple leafs»

«Washington» finally pleased fans

Fanov «capsov» this season is sincerely sorry. When observing the results of the club in the mind, fans are presented «metropolitan», who buy all valerian with validol in his city. And it’s not so much in a fault game – in general, the club hockey players look quite confident, – how much in failure and errs that each time are poured in defeat.

We we wrote about one of these games in a separate review.

Reached «washington» before the match s «toronto» lost all three home meetings, although usually «capitals» very strong in their arena. In the game s «maple leafs» it all started not in the best way. At the 11th minute of the first period, the hosts lost with a score of 0: 2. And while the fans felt the painful flashback associated with the game on tuesday against colorado (0: 4 in the first period), «caps» were able to play one puck under the first branch curtain.

In the second same «metropolitan» for two minutes, guests put guests on the blades, played out and went ahead. First, the account on the scoreboard 2: 2 did evgeny kuznetsov, then the team brought the team forward, and john carlson, who completed the combination with the participation of ovechkin – 2: 4.

For kuznetsova, this goal has become the third after his disqualification associated with cocaine. We wrote about the debut puck in a special review.

Video review «washington capitals» – «toronto maple leafs»

Not upset the fans of the owners and missed the third puck in the ending end. In general, washingtonians controlled the course of the match and calmed down noticeably. After victory «washington» ranked third in «metropolitan division» after «pittsburgh» and «carolina». After two days «capsam» reappeared at home, the opponent of the wards todda riedna will become «new york rangers».

Earlier, we wrote that the club from new york signed artemia panarin, making it the highest paid russian russian. In the first game, the athlete marked the scored washer.

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