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July 22, 2022
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Wazdan, a leading casino game provider, glad to announce the last replenishment of the collection of games hold the jackpot – the new version of power of gods & # x2122 ;: medusa.

The game offers players to explore the legendary jellyfish lair and defeat the mythical snake-haired gorgon. This slot with excellent theme, stunning graphics, animation and interesing features will definitely affect the imagination of players.

Innovative sticky bonus symbols were added to increase the involvement of players due to fixing on the drums up to 9 repeated spins, which subsequently increases the chances of players to activate a bonus round of rettention of jackpot.

Bonus "hold jackpot" runs 6 bonus symbols and gives 3 repeated rotations with a reset of the counter when a new symbol falls on the drums. In order not to turn into a stone with a seductive look of jellyfish, players must use mirror shields that serve as standard bonus symbols of the game, awarding prizes from 1x to 10x, 12x and 15x their rates.

In the bonus game there are also several special bonus symbols that increase excitement, awarding larger prizes. These include jackpot symbols that give the corresponding mini, minor, and basic jackpots, symbols of jellyfish, accumulating all values ​​from standard bonus symbols and symbols of jellyfish, mystery characters that are transformed into any other bonus symbol, and medusa mystery characters that guarantee a jackpot win, as the can only turn into one of the jackpot characters.

If you fill out all 15 drums by bonus symbols, the player will receive a large jackpot in the amount of 2,000x its rates, as well as all winnings obtained in repeated mode.

Power of gods & # x2122 ;: medusa uses wazdan’s hold the jackpot mechanic and allows players to choose the level of voltility & # x2122; bonus round whening the purchase function. The game also offers other unique features of wazdan, which allow players to adapt the product to their unique requirements.

Angey hila, commercial director wazdan, said:

"We returned with the fourth part of our exciting series, inspied by mythology, and power of gods & # x2122 ;: medusa may well be the best of all.
The design of the game is simply impressive, which makes the game joy for the eyes the game joy for the eyes and it is nice to play. Thanks to an easy-to-understand game mechanics, combined with the great potential of winnings, we expect that it will find a response from our audience ".

Source: official site wazdan

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