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April 27, 2022
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The likelihood that anthony joshua will lose one of his belts will lose the fight, every day rises. This recognizes his promoter eddie harn. Read more in material.


The policy of boxing organizations does not allow joshua to become an absolute champion

To get the title of absolute world championship, the boxer must conquer championship titles in four main organizations: wbc, wbo, wba and ibf. But it is very difficult to do it. And the athlete needs to defeat the best of the best in different versions. The main problem is to organize these fights.

Each boxer cost their interested people: coach, agents, promotional companies, broadcasters. From their ability to negotiate a lot. So, the potential battle for the title of absolute world champion in heavyweight could pass last year. However, negotiations between joshua and wilder ended with nothing.

Now, when hey jay again spoke about the meeting with deonteem, the boxing organizations of wbo and ibf intervened, the belts of which british possesses. They want anthony to protect as soon as possible. But what is the most terrible boxer – they want it at the same time, forcing joshua to make a choice. Otherwise, the organization will decide on the deprivation of his title.

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Eddie hirn, a british star promoter who owns three of four belts, in a recent interview spoke about trying to agree with wbo and ibf. According to him, they asked them to postpone one of the protection so that anthony joshua could go to the ring. But in responses, they encountered a misunderstanding and desire, so that the aidges met with their applicant.

From wbo – this is alexander ukil, from ibf – kurban pulele. Eddie harn hopes that it will be possible to find a compromise, otherwise they will have to abandon one of the belts. According to the boxingscene edition, anthony would not really want to lose a belt that «and so it is very difficult to get». But if this happens, he will return to him.

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