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May 30, 2022
11 minutes

The hero of the new interview in the heading dedicated to the professional in the the gambling industry was the head of the business development department in the company fugaso robert metzger. He fell into gambling, following in the footsteps of his brother niko, who founded the studio in 2016 and to this day is it is president. Robert metzger spoke about how was organized in the company, which was able to reach the team for 4 years and what goals are fucing fugaso in the near future.

– how many people are now working in fugaso and how this work is built? 

– future gaming solutions was founded by niko metzger, which has extensive experience in the gambling industry. He managed to collect a passionate team of igaming professionals, thanks to which the company develops significantly faster than the average provider.

Our technical director dario yosipovich and its programers are managed by the technical locomotive "fugaso". The designer team specializes in how our innovative content will look like. I and my colleagues from the business development department are engaged in growth strategies and marketing issues. In total, the company employs 11 people. We have a very strong team, so after 4 years after the creation of fugaso is a prominent place in the industry.

Robert metzger with colleagues

– what is the feature of the "fugaso" automata, in your opinion? What attracts players in the studio games?

– we managed to create an original collection of video shoots for sevel reasons. First, it is a unique mathematics. Some players prefer complex games, others – simple. We adhere to the golden middle, which allows us to create our magic. Secondly, high rtp. Returns the player must be at least 95%, this is a very important standard that needs to be taken into account both for oldcual gembrellas and modern players. Third, highly paid functions. Exciting bonus rounds, progressive jackpots and special prize options truly admit oour players.

With our system of progressive jackpots, players appear a chance to win huge amounts, just rotating drums. At the same time, the operators do not risk anything, because we take all the risks for ourselves!

Finally, the user-friendly user interface is important. How to implement access to the game, as it looks like the settings change. Allses ease of use and deep involvement in the game.

– describe in brief audience of fugaso games fans: age, floor. Who else plays?

– most of them are men aged 21 to 45 years.

– how is the development of a slot? Where does everything start?

– we we are talking about creating a game, we have a pan that we adhere to. Specialists from the target market, determine the players, the agement age of the currency, the age of the currency, the age of the currency, the age of the currency. Next, logic, protocol and mathematics of the game, design and animation are being developed, programming is being conducted. We have a certified random number generator, act on the basis of licenses malta gaming authority (mga) and uk gambling commission (ukgc), our games are tested in independent laboratories.

– tell me how the idea appeared to create a video plat trump it?

– the idea was born from our ceo back in 2016. It’s funny that we did this game, not knowing that trump will be chosen by the us president. It turns out, we talked to assume that trump would become president, and it helped us in the brand promotion! Then we released the second part – trump it deluxe.

– in the fugaso slots, there is a progressive jackpot system. What a win was the largest?  

– to date, the largest paid jackpot is 245,441 euros. This is midi jackpot in the game trump it deluxe at a rate of 30 euros.

Recently, in the magic spinners slot machine, a player from russia ripped mini jackpot in the amount of 44,745 euros, playing at a rate of only 3 eurocents! That is, the winnings turned out to be almost one and a half million times more than the rate!

– in 2019, the company was nominated for the askgamblers award as the best provider, but studio pragmatic play received the reward. According to what you did not have enough for victory?

– it was a great honor to be among the finalists in two main categories: "best provider" and "best slot". We feel that we are on the right track, but we need more experience and resources to achieve goals.

– what is the secret of the cleopatra’s diary slot, which was notic in the appriate nomination askgamblers awards? Egyptian themes have not yet outlived herself?

– the cleopatra’s diary machine was chosen by players worldwide. We understand what it happened, thanks to a stunning graphics, animation and cool game functions – these are the main components of our slot success. By the way, in the twenty of the best among more than 500 slots, our slot machine imhotep manuscript entered, which indicates that egyptian style still remains popular.

Cleopatra’s diary video

– name the three best slots fugaso.

– it extremely difficult to name the top three games, as projects are focused on different markets, different end users. Our top games are trump it deluxe, magic spinners, cleopatra’s diary, imhotep manuscript, stoned joker.

– and if we talk about the best machines in the history of gambling?

– i myself am not a player, so i can not answer globally.

– in the collection "fugaso" there are no games with live dealers. What is it confected with? Are you planning to work in this direction?

– fugaso since the foundation was focused on creating video calls. Perhaps in the future we will have projects in which slot machines and live broadcasts will be combined.

– and never thought about opening your online casino?

– no, we are too focused on game development tasks.

– in which countries now fugaso? What market would you call the key?

– key markets for us – these are cis countries and europe. In 2020, fugaso plans to reach another 6 new regulated markets: lithuania, sweden, spain, italy, portugal and colombia.

– what other plans are building for 2020? 

– this year we are going to launch at least 10 intriguing titles in addition to our portfolio of 70 slot machines. Among the new products will be a sequel to the slots of trump it deluxe and the mummy, which were greatly recognized among gembrellas.

The mummy game apparatus

The market is always ready for something new, and we are going to offer exactly what users want. Soon the release of two delightful game functions will be held. One of them – epicways. This is a mathematical gaming core that allows you to activate up to 200,000 ways to win! Second function – default bonus game. This is another amazing chip that will allow players to run a bonus game every couple of minutes!

– what problems you see in modern online gambling? What would you change if there was such an opportunity?

– the fist thing thor comes to mind, the great problems of the gambling industry related to market management, as not all casinos are followed by the appropriate rules when it comes to licenses and laws on the protection of both players and providers. Onther hand, i see the problem in the fact that the casino does not satisfy the needs of the players, creating a significant gap between the fact that players can get and that they actually get. It can harm the impression of the game, game experience, imagine provider.

– how do you see the gembling industry in 10 years? What can drastically change?

– in connection with coronavirus, it is difficult to assume that we expect us in the future. No matter what we plan, something chan change all this. At the same time, we are focused on those things that are are able to control, which reveal new entertainment peace even in such a difficult time.

– tell us about cooperation with groove gaming, you are often called sistsers.

– these are two different companies under one umbrella.

– oour partner with whom we started work as with a new aggregator in the gambling industry and we are happy to walk along the way together. Both companies are becoming stronger. Fugaso focuses on the development of games and groove – on the distribution of content and promotion of platform solutions.

– last year you have signed a cooperation agreement with softgamings. How is your joint work going?

– we work with most large aggregators in the industry and we are pleased to be partners softgamings. This team of professionals does everything to deliver content to users so that gemblings enjoy fugaso games around the world and we a satisfied with the current results.

– recently, there were many mergers and acquisitions in the world of gambling. You received such suggestions?

– at the exhibition ice london 2020, we received sevel offers to enter into negotiations on the sale. And although we appreciate this opportunity, i think it is still too early to discuss it. We feel that you are are are awaiting a great future. We continue to work in the desire to achieve our goals.

– if tomorrow you have to stop your activities and radically change the profession than you will do?

– i always attracted fitness as a cind of activity and as a business, so i think i would go to this direction, because it is from this dayay i enjoy. It helps me to stay healthy, keep yourself in shape and in the world change their thinking, body and health!

– how is your working day?

– i have an abnormal working day, i work at any time, sometimes even 12-15 hours a day.

– and what is the most difficult in your profession?

– the hardest part is not a heavy daily work, but a lack of time that remains on our families. At the same time, it motivates to continue working to provide them with a better life.

– how close people relate to your work?

– relatives are proud of our achievements, as we create entertainment of a huge audience in the field of gambling.

– thank you for the interview.

– and you. I would like to take advantage of the team gamblingread.Com. You guys make a great deal, allowing industry representatives to talk abouts aboulves and share thoughts about gambling.

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