Wespin, Part Of The Comeon Group, Launches A New Casino Streamer Platform

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May 19, 2022
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Wespin, Part of the Comeon Group, Launches a New Casino Streamer Platform

Operator gambling comeon group announced the launch of its new product wespin – an innovative streamer platform designed to hit the industry. Wespin is fully developed by special teams of engineers and connected to the comeon’s own game platform.

Wespin is the only one of its kind innovative products that originates back in 2015 and is inspied by hunting for office jackpots between colleagues and a growing trend of passionate casino streamers.

Wespin led to the development of a compleyly new ecosystem in order to associate the world of players with online gambling through passionate streamers. This product raised the world to a new level by making an online casino more social, saturated and interesting.

Berkay reikhan, commercial director of comeon group, said:

"The most remarkable wespin is that it attracts a passive audience of streamers in the lery heart of fun, forcing them to participate in the loss of streamers. Why watch someone else’s activities behind the screen, if you really can be part of it? This is what solves wespin. Weeso believe that wespin will bring comeon to leading positions in the new channel of attracting streamers in our industry thanks to the benefits that it offers to all stripes, which goes beyond the standard practice of traditional affiliate marketing.

Wespin helps comeon group to attract the attention of players to streaming services with a new and innovative way, directly converting players who want to participate in events that organize streamers, directly affecting the demographics of new players – young casino striming enthusiasts. The product eliminates the gap between the operator and the client, which allows players to win and enjoy.

Moreover, in the wespin product there is an acceleration tool that allows game providers to sponsor events for exclusivity. This is aimed at promoting new releases, as well as their existing gaming portfolio directly to customers in a casino. Sponsored money is added directly to events, and the streamers can invite their audience to participate in free events and adventure events, increasing the coefficient of partnership conversion and bringing the number of tickets of streamers to new record values. Streamers can configure such events as bonuses hunting, jackpot hunting, bonus shopping events and the choice of streamers, adding a variety of product. Game providers, such as netent, microgaming, push gaming, yggdrasil and playtech, joined the sponsorship of events using our new acceleration tool to draw attention to their new issues and involve players in their most famous games.

Wespin joined some of the largest streamers profiles in the industry, and their review were exclusively positive.

Anton will be fat, also known as konnabonus, said:

"I really liked to conduct group games wespin function. I have a lot of new viewers on my stream on twitch, just working with comeon. Wespin – certainly, the best place to conduct group games as a strider. What i like most in comeon and wespin is a simple interface, a constant improvement in the wespin function and not to mention fantastic partner work managers. It was also great to play comeon because of their stunning choice of games and my audiences really like it! Enhancement tool – it’s very fun! People like to participate in groups, which also give something extra. I noticed that it works best of bonuses with a new increase function, which really works with my community, because it increases the chances of getting a positive balance and output of funds ".

Daniel natvig, also known as kongebonus, said:

"The wespin sessions that we had certainly are strimers who cause the most attention and have the largest audience. It is easy to see that many spectators like the idea that we can all play together. Wespin raised the streaming and a sense of community to a completely new level, and that is why we want to continue to do it. The best thing is that we can really have certain events at a certain time. We like the fact that in one night we spend sevel different events and their diversity. ".

O wespin

Wespin is an innovative product developed by comeon group, which opens up new horizons in how players interact with casino games. This is a new game experience online casino-oriented community, which allows multiple players to participate in scheduled sessions of direct broadcasting slot machines.

Wespin is fully developed by special teams of engineers and connected to the comeon’s own game platform.

Source: official website comeon group

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