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March 29, 2022
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Western Europe: Big Bets - Big Winnings 2

Ground gembling in the country, however, quite clouds: while one industry sectors are clearly regulated, such as sports rates and lotteries, others cover fuzzy and contradictory laws. For example, despite the fact that commercial terrestrial casinos are prohibited, they exist in the form of "private closed clubs" that appeared thanks to the loopholes in law. These clubs are essentially their little casinos to get into which you need to become a registered member (free of charge).

Amendments to existing laws could not create a working legal field for gambling establishments, so it is not surprising that the irish government plans to hold major reforms in 2021. The current legislation regulating gambling activity is an outdated law on games and the lotteries of the 1956th year and the 1931st.

As for online gambling, many operators decide to obtain a license in jurisdictions with clearer regulations, and then submit to obtain permission to offer their services in ireland. All this can change with the entry into force of new regulations due to the attractive tax policy of the country.


Ground gambling institutions in the netherlands are strictly regulated, but online gambling is completely banned, with the rare exception of the specific sectors of the industry.

Western Europe: Big Rates - Big Winnings 3

This, however, will soon be completely changed. October 1, 2021, the law online gambling 2019 comes into force.

Operators will need to be fed to the license, and be registered in the eu or the european economic area, or in the third country, whose legislation does not contradict the principles on which the law on online gambling.

The price of filing an application, according to forecasts, will be 40-50 thousand euros. The tax rate will be 29% of the operator’s gross gaming income and operators will have to add to this amount 1.75% of gross gaming income as a contribution to preventing problem gambling, as well as the supply of regulatory authority – kansspelautoriteit.

The turnover of the dutch gambling sector is more than € 2 billion per year, and it is expected that he will grow in the near future when the market opens.


Gambling in belgium are governed by the 1999 gambling law. In 2011, the law made amendments in connection with the growth of online gambling.

Western Europe: Big Rates - Big Winnings 4

Gambling commission of belgium regulates the closed licensing system. The number of licenses for the casino and bookmakers is limited, and the online license can be obtained, only alady having permission to terrestrial activities in the country.

These restrictions create very difficult conditions for entering the market for both local and foreign operators. Despite the fact that the igor commission licenses in partnership with land facilities, all nine work permit online casinos are currently issued, however are several licenses for the bookmaker online office.

And taking into account that the total gross gaming income from online betting is € 138 million (growth in 11.76% compared in 2018), as well as an attractive tax rate of 11% of ggr is an excellent opportunity for investment.


A country with a small but well-wired population and third in the size of the gross gaming income per capita in the european union – luxembourg could be an attractive country for igaming operators. However, the opening of the online casino in the great duchy im impossible due to existing regulations.

Western Europe: Big Rates - Big Winnings 5

The gambling law of 1977 regulates ground gambling, while online hembaling is almost not regulated. The number of possible licenses for traditional casino is formally unlimited, but at casino 2000 montdorf de facto monopoly. A similar situation exists with a national lottery organized by the public non commercial structure under the supervision of the government, which, according to the gambling law of 2009, according to the gambling law of 2009, is the the organy offerny online services.

Government bodies of luxembourg consider these two monopolies to send the desire to play gambling in the controlled channel and support the rigid standards for the protection of players and advertising regulation.

Nevertheless, despite the impossibility of getting an igaming license in the country, local authorities allow operators from other european countries to offer games in luxembourg residents.


France has one of the most detailed gambling regulations in europe. Responsible organ – autorité nationale des jeux (anj)

Western Europe: Big Bets - Big WinNings 6

Casino and card games are allowed in licensed land establishments, with the exception of poker, which can offer online operators.

Two monopolies in the country – française des jeux (fdj) and pari mutuel urbain (pmu). Fdj is an exclusive right to ground-based bids and on all lotteries. Pmu controls the racks market.

Online rates for sports and jumps are open to licensed operators, but only on the events of anj and the ministry of agriculture.

Taxes on online betting are high enough: combining all contributions, operators must pay huge 54.9% of gross gambling income. At the races on the downloads in the online other tax model: total payments are 13.8% from rates.

Market size, however, compensates for the tax rate. Almost half of the 70 million population is actively playing in gambling, the gross gambling income is only one online gambling has already oneeded € 1.1 billion, so france is one of the largest markets for online operators.


In the xix century, when the princely house of grimaldi threatened bankruptcy, the karolina princess had an idea to open a casino to replenish the treasury.

Western Europe: Big Rates - Big Winnings 7

The rest is the story: monaco became one of the smartest resorts of the world, and the casino – the largest source of income for the princely family.

It interesting to note that local residents (who are only one-fifth from the population of the pincipality), to play the casino is prohibited. Online gembling is absolutely not regulated, and the country, which means the market is open to foreign operators.


Thanks to its ski resorts, the small principality in eastern pyrenees is a tourist mecca, so it is not surprising that the regulation of the land casino market has been discussed for sevel years.
Western Europe: Big Rates - Big Winnings 8

The governments of andorra made it possible to go on a license to open a casino back in 2018, but not a single licensee since yet.

Meanwhile, online gambling is not regulated by local residents freely use the services of foreign operators. 


The gambling market of spain is at the same time one of the biggest (€ 7.6 billion total gross gambling income) and one of the most decentralized – a peculiar result of the recent history of the country.
Western Europe: Big Rates - Big Winnings 9

Igor’s activity was decriminalized by the royal decree at the end of 1977 in the process of transformation of the country into democracy. Constatition, the regulation of gambling business is not under the supervision of the state, thereforey the government of the each of the 17 regions is to establish its regulation and licensing.

To conduct business online gambling at the federal level, a license issued by the central regulatory authority is required – dirección general de ordenación del juego (dgoj), and on the other hand, local authorities need a license for maintaining land businesses.

At the national level, gambling activities are governed by law 13/2011. Operators need to get a separate license for each category of gambling they plan to offer. The license fee begins with € 45,000 for registry and auditing, with an additional cost of € 10,000 for each category of games available on the platform.

Amended in 2018 to reduce the load on operators and create a single mode. The tax rate is 20% of gross gaming income for all, except operators in seute and melilla, for which the tax is only 10%.


In portugal, a fully adjustable online and ground gambling market. The industry has not yet been fully recovered after the development of high taxes for local operators, introduced together with the licensing system in 2016.
Western Europe: Big Bets - Big Winnings 10

Unfortunately, due tosese circumstances, unlicensed operators in the market have a large enough share, because the can offe players best rates and coefficients.

Gambling are regulated by serviço de regulação e inspeção de jogos (srij).
Legislation includes a series of decisions updating the no law. 422/89, most importantly from which – no. 66/2015 (this law regulates the licensing system).

On theater and monopoly tense at the state organization santa casa da misericórdia de lisboa (scml). Operators can get a license to offer casino-games, sports rates, jumps, and bingo.

The amount of contributions begins from € 12,000 for issuing a license (on everything except bingo, a license to which costs € 2,000), plus € 18,000 for the procedure for inspection of technical systems, and additional payments for the inspection of each type of games.

Tax rate for online casino – 25% of gross gambling income, and for bookmakers – 8% of the turnover.


The italian legal field for online gambling is a patchwork blanket of laws developed in the past two decades. It is considered one of the most detailed in the world.
Western Europe: Big Bets - Big Winnings 11

Legislation, which followows the execution of agenzia delle dogane e dei monopoli (adm), include strict regulation of business and advertising to achieve maximum player protection.

Local licenses are not automatically updated, have a limited validity period and can only be obtained through a tender who is needed by the government. Licenses are very expensive, the starting price in the open is currently the tender is € 2.5 million, but receiving this license, the operator can european union.

On the lottery in the country private monopoly, but licensed operators can ofeer any other forms of games and rates.

Taxes vary from 20% to 25% of gross gaming income, depending on the proposed games.

Italian online market has been historically behind the ground, but the pandemic caused a powerful shift towards the games on the internet. Gross gaming income of the industry for the 2020th rose by 45%, making the market even more atractive for online operators.

San marino

Western Europe: Big Rates - Big Winnings 13
In the tiny republic of san marino there is a partially state casino monte titano, named in honor of the mountain on which it is. The ground sector is regulated by the ente di stato dei giochi organization, which also has a complete monopoly for all gambling activities. Online licenses country never issued.


Western Europe: Big Rates - Big Winnings 14
In accordance in relation to gambling, the holy throne formally prohibits the opening of gambling establishments and online, both in the city and the city and on the ships floating under the flag of the vatican *.

* we are surprised no less than yur


One of the most famous gambling jurisdictions in the world, malta was the first country in the european union, which introduced regulation of online gambling business – regulation of remote games of 2004.

Western Europe: Big Rates - Big Winnings 15
Due to the fact that she was the first and had an attractive tax system, the mediterranean country secred its position as home gambling jurisdiction to obtain licenses in the eu.

The initial legislation was updated and consolidated in the law on gambling from 2018, which was also complemented by the instructions and directives of the maltese government and the local regulatory body – the igor commission of malta.

The application for licenses is accepted constantly. The price of the license begins with a fixed contribution of € 25,000, the operator adds a monhly amount that is calculated from gambling income. Maximum, this payment can reach € 600,000 per year.

The tax system, as mentioned earlier, is especially profitable. It is made with the thought of minimizing the effects of double taxation of operators, the amount of tax is 5% of the revenues from the players who are in malta.

With a large selection of markets, each of which plays according to its rules, open an online casino or bookmaker can be hard. Do not forget to visit our page on casino gossip to see other analytical articles slotegrator. And in order to consult on the issue of choosing a suitable market for your business and obtaining a license contact slotegrator managers.

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