What Connects Alibaba Group And “Brooklyn Nets”?

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March 29, 2022
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If joseph tsai, one of the founders of alibaba group, still decides to spend more than $ 1.3 billion, then the acquisition of barclays center and «brooklyn nets» enter the story of the largest in north america basketball.

What connects Alibaba Group and 'Brooklyn Nets'?

Now, according to the new york post, a businessman confirms his intentions to become a full owner of the american basketball club. Accordingly, for this, he needs to close a transaction for $ 1.35 billion, which will add 51% of the shares to the asset joseph «brooklyn nets», and the chinese billionaire will be the full owner of the arena and team.

Recall, almost a year and a half ago, tsai bought from mikhail porokhov (businessman from russia) 49% of the shares of the same club for $ 1 billion. From that time, josev has a primary right to further transactions before the start of the season – 2021/2022.

Thus, gunpowts will sell a basketball club for a record $ 2.35 billion, which will become the highest amount for this sport.

At the same time, this investment for tska – far from the only one in sports. For example, he owns the san diego seals lacrosse team and invests in the development of the premier league in this sport.

As we reported earlier, yudzuru khana plans already in the new season to please his fans with new victories.

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