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January 10, 2022
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Uhh gunnar sulcher gave his first interview as a new head coach «manchester united». In it, he shared expectations from returning to the club, methods and plans.

What happened and still happen to Manchester United
Content: 1. Sulcher understands that he – temporary replacement2. Task sulcher – make football players enjoy game3. Return to the postulates of ferguson

Three-year period of the board jose mourinho in the mj. Save the club from consequences «curses of the third season» portuguese mentor was called «superzapasnoye» uh sulcher. In addition to the player, he succeeded successfully: it is enough to remember his goal goal «bavaria» in the finals of lf 1999.

Now 45-year-old norwegian is already an experienced coach, behind his shoulders successful years of management of the mj and norwegian team «molda». Yesterday «killer with baby» gave his first interview as a mentor «red devils». Main abstracts.

Sulcher understands that he – temporary replacement

Norwegian specialist is very happy to return to the club to which he talked for 15 years of his life. His arrival in the team he compares with returning home. And these 6 months he plans to enjoy while mj is looking for a new coach.

According to media information, management «manchester» rented specialist u «molda» behind £one.8 million. The norwegian championship just went to the end and went on vacation. If «united» decides to leave a pace at the post of head coach, he will be obliged to pay back £8 million.

Task sulcher – make football players enjoy game

The first priority on the application of the new mentor – it’s a pleasure to return to footballers. The new mentor believes that the club has a good selection of players, each of which will receive their chance to show yourself on the field.

This statement – stone in the garden jose mourinho. Mj under the leadership of the portuguese showed far from the most spectacular game, and in the media regularly missed the information that the players are dissatisfied with the style that «special» instills a team. Paul, with whom jose, during the entire stay in the club, conflicts arose, several times publicly criticized the tactical plan for the game. And the news about his dismissal celebrated in the locker room with most teammates.

Return to the postulates of ferguson

Sulcher in his interview said that a lot took over from his former mentor sir alex ferguson. In particular, this concerns the players management methods and the disclosure of their best qualities. Also the norwegian itself is assessed as a coach that puts the attacking style of the game. His «molda» scores the most in the domestic championship, which you can not say about the current «united». In 17 games «devils» scored 29 goals and so much missed.

Ule also spoke about his desire to more closely communicate with nicky batt (head of the mj academy). He hopes that traditions «red devils» with the involvement of young players will continue.

Your first match as a head coach «manchester united» sulcher will hold tomorrow, december 22. «Mancunians» go to leave to «cardiff city».

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