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August 3, 2022
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Techball – this is the youngest and rapid popularity of sports that occurred from football. Literally for several years he became a favorite view of the pastime for many athletes and a professional simulator for famous football players. Messi, neymar, alisson and other leading world sports stars train, playing techball – favorite game ronaldinho. What is techball than this kind of sport is popular and why it fell in love – next in the material. Other sports news already here.

What is techball and why became such popular?
Content: 1. What is the popularity of tebrol?2. World population of tebrol3. Who plays techball?

Techball – this is a sport that originated in 2014 thanks to two football fans from hungary. Initially, the game was created as entertainment. Then the athletes did not have the idea that several years later their discovery would be a full-fledged sport.

Tebbol is a union of football and table tennis. Two participants compete in a single game, in a steam room – three or four. The gameplay occurs with the help of a special curved table and a ball that should be chopped by any part of the body, not by hand. A task – send a shell on half the opponent field so that he can not answer. It is forbidden to touch the ball more than three times. Another important rule – the ball can not be stuffing the same part of the body twice in a row.

What is the popularity of tebrol?

Techball – excellent training, which is accompanied by a bright spectacle. An agreement has already been concluded between the eurosport tv channel and the international federation of tebol (fiteq), allowing to broadcast regular matches of tournaments who are watching millions of people in different parts of the planet. Tebol was added as a demonstration sport on african games in cape verde and was recognized by the asian olympic committee.

In europe, teqball is intensively developing at a professional level. Cis and asian countries are still lagging behind this issue, but the game is actively moving through the internet. The creators in the future are planning to actively develop a young sport at a high level. For this, the first steps are already made – special arenas are erected, sections are being created, where you can learn this discipline. Professional stars footballs say that tekball can in the future can be a big sport on a par with football.

Tables for the game (textiles) of all-weather, i.E. Can be put on the street regardless of weather conditions. It is also the perfect sport during quarantine restrictions, as it allows you to observe the distance and allows you to play outdoors. Fiteq sells tables worldwide directly or through intermediaries. The most expensive teq smart table will cost approximately €3000, and the cheapest – teq lite – three times cheaper.

World population of tebrol

World population of tebrol

The european olympic committees (eko) continue to work on the expansion of the program iii of european games scheduled for the summer of 2023 in krakow, malopolsky voivodeship and silesia. And recently, the list replenished the techball, which became the 15th discipline presented on the multistive forum. Since the formation of tebol, poland managed to spend many tournaments, which gave the opportunity to go to the professional level.

In krakow, malopolsky voivodeship and silesia are planning to play medals in personal and paired discharge among women and men, as well as in mixed competitions. The number of participants is limited – no more than 70 people. Representatives of the eko believe that the inclusion of temkola and padel to the number of olympic sports will make a variety and increases interest in competitions, as well as attract a new young audience.

Interestingly, the techball is also going to introduce into the school curriculum in uzbekistan, as declared by the national olympic committee of uzbekistan. Recently, a memorandum on fiteq partnership with the ministry of public education and the national olympic committee was signed in tashkent. The document states that the international organization in the near future will offer uzbekistan 10 thousand. Units of sports inventory, and the ministry of folk education and noc will cooperate with the aim of promoting this type of sport.

Who plays techball?

In practice, tekball develops coordination of movements, reaction, flexibility and equipment. Many leading football clubs, such as «real», «chelsea», «psg», ajax», «arsenal» and even «miner», enjoy the techball in their workouts. Among famous representatives of this game – ronaldinho, luis figu, simao sabroza, robert pires and sean garnier.

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