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April 14, 2022
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The draft law on the legalization of gembling activities in ukraine has become one of the most discussed recently. At the same time, experts evaluate it in different ways with both legal and moral. Opinion alena degrica (shevtsova) – in our material.

What problems can solve the legalization of gambling business - expert

The expert shared the opinion about what problems could solve the legalization of gambling, in his blog «in fintech we trust».

The first thing that the specialist pays attention to – tax receipts and reduction of shadow turnover. At the same time, dehrik notes that there are several mechanisms replenishment of the budget operators of gambling business. One of them – licensing. So, operators should get a work permit, according to the type of gembling services that they will provide. The license cost, according to the specialist, can be varied depending on the level and status of the enterprise. Similar payments are unite and can be easily redistiruted to public needs.

The second mechanism is taxes, including duties on the import of gambling equipment. At the same time, according to dehrik, the import fees should be much lower than fines for non-compliance with the rules.

The expert does not share the opinion of colleagues who believe that the development of gambling business in the country is a threat, and on the contrary, says that the industry will contribute to improving the investment climate.

Legalization Will Bring Ludenia Into A Public Plane

A separate item degrica display the problem of gambling addiction. In her opinion, it is legalization that will bring ludenia into a public plane. Thus, companies employed in the segment will be required to maintain research and finance programs for the prevention and treatment of illness.

As an example of regulation and earnings on the gambling industry, degrica brings uk. And notes that the rigor of regulation and tax policy makes british gambling licenses among the most sought-after.

Summing up, the expert notes that even if ukraine succeeds in implementing 1/10 of british success, it will already be a significant result.

Recall that jury nikolov’s journalist drew attention to the lack of a law on the legalization of data on the taxation of the sphere.

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