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January 18, 2022
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On sunday, january 20, the 11th traditional match of all stars khl passed in the ice palace of kazan. This time the victory won the division of custkey division, but, as always, to win in such tournaments – not important.

What surprised the match of all stars KHL 2019 (video)

Photo source: championat.Com

Every year, disputes arise about the need for the match of all stars. On the one hand, it takes time and strength from players whose season and so long. In this regard, on the eve of the event, some of the stated players traditionally report that they have injuries. Unlike the nhl, there is no system of fines for skipping the event, and, judging by the statements of the manual, until it is planned.

On the other hand – this is an image event. The best and popular league players are going to one place. It is also a holiday for fans, in front of which hockey players and coaches on this evening are revealed a little on the other hand. Spectators come to the stadium and the tv screens are not so much for the sake of a mini-tournament and identify the winner in it, how much for the new spectacle.

So, on sunday, hockey lovers could find a musical idol in the face of the riga defender «dynamo» matthew mayon, who in the break of competitions performed under the accompaniment of acoustic guitar song «ho hey» groups lumineers.

In the absence of a real evil rivalry, which manifests itself in the matchs of the regular championship, well indicated the moment with the breakdown of the bullit, not by anyone else, as the coach of the division team harlamov zainetula bilyaletdinov. Score a goal did not come out, but all the ice arena was in admiration.

Well, the mini-tournament won the custian division team, which beat bobrov division with a score of 4: 3 in the head finals.

Won in the master show and won the match of the stars – division chernyshev!#khlarallstar pic.Twitter.Com / alyt0iziwn

— khl (@khl)
january 20, 2019.

Most hockey players were friendly with viewers and a minute dedicated to communicating with them and posing for photos.

Play for fans. And pauses in the game – also for fans.#khlarallstar pic.Twitter.Com / jiydrv8ahn

— khl (@khl)
january 20, 2019.

And on january 26, in san jose, california, the match of all stars nhl will be held. As we wrote earlier, alexander ovechkin, who was chosen by the captain of the metropolitan division, refused to go to the event, referring to fatigue and the desire to relax a little more. For refusal, he received a disqualification of one match long.

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