What This Champions League Remember: Incredible Cambakes, Records And A Little Magic

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February 21, 2022
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Champions league 2018/19 comes to an end. The final maneuver will be the final of the tournament on june 1 between «liverpool» and «tottenham». In addition, the final matches of european cups this year – exceptionally english, in the championship league there were still many unexpected and interesting.

What this Champions League remember: incredible Cambakes, records and a little magic
Content: 1. Hungry in every sense2. New faces in the final3. Lf cambakov: sensation in this tournament will soon become common

Hungry in every sense

It is no secret that muslim footballers face ramadan in the most unsuitable moments. For example, the sensational performance of the egyptian national team at the world championships in 2018 and its star mohammed salah who confesses islam. Ramadan coincided with the world cup, which influenced the physical capabilities of the attacker.

But in this league champions with such a post, two players were collided at once «ayjax». Before the second match against the london team, nussair mazraui and hakim zhest did not use food and water for 15 hours. In the middle of the first half, when the sun went beyond the horizon, the footballers received the sachet of a special energy gel, which quickly restores the physical form.

Read in our separate article on how salah masterfully brought «mersisadets» to the championship.

Medical professionals have repeatedly mentioned the seriousness of the harm of ramadan for football players and athletes in general. At the last world cup, salah suspended the post for two days, but the guys from «ayjax» refused to be similar, and the club management and coach, in turn, supported players in their choice.

New faces in the final

Football club «tottenham» for the first time in his history, uefa champions league final was published. Londoners managed to become no less sensational finalist than «liverpool». In both cases, the case is in enchanting cambek, however, about it later.

«Spurs» in the course of the response meeting, 2: 0 lost, and in the first match, at home, they gave way to the opponent, and the key forward team harry kane was injured. It seemed that for londoners in the tournament, everything was already decided, however, thanks to the unpredictability of the champions league, this year they managed to recoup.

For four minutes lucas moore designed a double, and on the last seconds an extra time finished the opponent and pulled out the team in the final tour. Last time, the lton club has also become a sensational finalist – «arsenal» in 2009, this case does not compare with the incredibility of what is happening in this.

Lf cambakov: sensation in this tournament will soon become common

In the current season of the championship league, there was at least five incredible matches, in which the teams were played and passing a rival after loud failures. For the start remember the season of the season «ajax» and «port». Portuguese «dragons» beat «roma» 3: 1 after lesion 1: 2 and went out ¼ final. More serious camback has already created the dutch, who also scored her heads, and the opponent has defeated the rival.

We are talking about 4: 1 in the gate of madrid «real», which after the first match (1: 2) thought that the exit to the next round in his pocket.

Also in 1/8 there was another breakthrough: «manchester united» crushed psg 3: 1 after faila on the home stadium with a score of 0: 2. Thought, «old trafford» and the fans have forgiven «red devils» such an output.

Next on the scene «old signora» and «mattresses». Tourisers left madrid with a lesion of 0: 2, however ¼ still got successful, thanks to 3: 0 houses.

And, undoubtedly, the main cambakes of the year – champions league semifinal matches. Read more about sensation output «liverpool» in singial material.

Earlier we called the best football players in the submarine in the 2018/19 season.

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