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April 28, 2022
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According to a new bill on the legalization of the gambling industry in ukraine, tax revenues from the activities of gembling operators will be sent to the medicine, sports and cultural support fund. We understand what the means will be sport.


According to the information provided by vladimir borodyansky, the minister of culture, youth and sports, the named fund is not a institution or organization, but a separate line of state budget. Access to the funds of the fund is at the disposal of three state bodies – ministries of health, culture, youth and sports, as well as commission for development and gambling.

Budget legislation will regulate the percentage ratio of funds. It is expected that such details will be refined later, after the adoption of the basic law on the regulation of the industry. Presumably representatives of the ministries will compete annually for the money of the fund – argument to whom and what funds are needed.

Lawyer yury yurchenko believes that such a distribution mechanism is not fully justified. According to the expert, the rules for the redistribution of funds and the percentage should be enshrined in the legislation. According to yurchenko, the biggest percentage of funds should be directed to sports.

The lawyer argues his position in the fact that the fund will largely be replenished due to the legalization of bookmakers, which are based on sports competitions. Accordingly, the uniform distribution is not quite fair. Yurchenko believes that the sport should receive at least 60% of the income from gambling business. The absence of criteria for which it will be assessed, «who needs more» funds, according to a lawyer, lays the possibility of corruption schemes.

Sports should receive at least 60% of revenues from gambling business

However, vladimir borodyansky believes that a similar distribution format – part of the international practice of socially responsible gambling. According to him, it differs in different jurisdictions only which of government agencies is responsible for redistribution.

According to the expert, in the context of the medical direction, it is logical to send revenues to minimize harm programs from gembling operations, in particular, to create centers specializing in the treatment of dependencies.

But the creation of a new structure – gambling regulator, yurchenko considers it inxpedient, as its content also requires financial injections.

Recall that in ukraine there is a hotline for the appeals of citizens in case of detection of existing gambling establishments.

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