What Will Happen To Bitcoin In 2019: New Expert Forecast

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January 27, 2023
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Director general of the japanese fintech firm and cryptobiri quoine mike caamori is sure that bitcoin (btc) will overcome new price highs by the end of 2019.

What will happen to Bitcoin in 2019: new expert forecast

Commenting on the recession, which is observed on the cryptoms over the past weeks, caisonori declared that the industry is waiting for new positive trends that will begin to appear after the new year. He explained that today there is no catalyst that could cause the cost of bitcoin’s value.

Caiaamori stated that, although many of the experts called $ 4000 «technical dream» for bitcoin, this winter coin could not hold this mark during the recent sale. «Nevertheless, – he added, – looking back, we can conclude that the bottom is close to this mark».

He argued his pressure point, which is currently experiencing miners. In his opinion, many of them fear to continue to prey cryptocurrency, since such a significant drop in prices for them significantly reduces profits.

Caiaamori claims that the japanese regulators are now starting to accept applications for issuing licenses to cryptocham after theft of coins total value $ 534 million in january with a local coincheck exchange.

Moreover, most cryptocheus seeks to fulfill the conditions for improving the business that were nominated by the japanese agency of financial services (fsa) to secure the industry after hacking coincheck.

With best practices in the field of management and storage assets, the cryptocurrency sphere of japan passes during the consolidation period, the expert emphasized.

Noting that japan is «first global economic power», having a significant impact on the world cryptosphere, kamamori pointed out the country’s innovative attention to the newest model for collecting funds in the industry, the succession of the initial proposals of coins (ico) – security token offerings, or sto.

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