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April 1, 2022
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Champions league draw will take place today, august 29, at 19:00 (moscow time). 32 of the best european clubs finally find out who they have to fight in the group stage of the tournament. How much works in lch and what is known about the groups of clubs of rpl – in our material.

What you need to know about the baskets of the Champions League and the coming draw
Content: 1. How it works: main rules baskets2. Collecting clubs in baskets

How it works: the main rules of the basket

Round matches round playoffs played, it means that the draw. Thus, all clubs who hit the tournament on a variety of uefa privileges (and these are 26 teams) and passed a round-off (six) round, learn the composition of their group.

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august 28, 2019

Four teams will fall into each of the eight groups:

  • The first basket: clubs who won last year’s ls and le, also the first six uefa rating (champions of countries).
  • Second, third and fourth baskets: the rest of the fc, which won their «not top-end» championship or in lch due to high club rating (participants in these groups are located in accordance with the order of this rating).

Also in uefa there is an interesting rule, according to which clubs – representatives of one state do not fall into one basket. The schedule of their matches will be drawn up so that the games do not interect and the fans could see all the matches from the participation of teams from their country.

In a special review, we talked about the causes of the failure «krasnodar» in the champons league.

Simply put, «zenith» and «locomotive», russia will not fall into one group, and their games will be held in different days or at different times. By the way, clubs from the russian federation and ukraine are still bred in eurocades, so «miner», fast to the second basket, in no will play with st. Petersburg and moscow teams.

In a separate article, we wrote about the scandal around one of the transfers «zenita».

«Zenith» hit the first basket due to high rating and victory in the home championship. In this way, «blue-white blue» avoid meeting with the strongest teams from europe: «liverpool», «manchester city», «chelsea», «barcelona», «juventus», «bavaria» and psg.

And here «locomotive» and «shahtar» lucky less – one of the above-mentioned teams is mandatory in their group.

Collecting clubs in baskets

As part of the champions league – 2019/2020 baskets for the draw look like this:

First basket

Second shopping cart

Third shopping cart

Fourth basket


«Real» madrid














«Rb leipzig»


«Miner» donetsk



«Manchester city»



«Czlna star»







«Dynamo» zagreb


Recall, the draw will take place today. Live broadcast can be viewed on the tv channel «match tv» at 19:00.

Confirmed: #ucldraw pots! ✅

pick the strongest team from each ???? Pic.Twitter.Com / d06aidu5na

— #ucldraw (@championsleague)
august 28, 2019

Earlier we wrote about interest «loco» to the frenal ribery, who preferred to go to «fiorentina».

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