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January 14, 2022
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Proponents of crypto industry believe that someday bitcoin will be able to replace fate money and cryptocurrency will begin to be used everywhere. However when it happens? Experts shared their forecasts.

When will Bitcoin replace fiat money? Opinion Experts

Investor tim drope considers the fact that quite soon the government of different countries still recognize cryptocurrency by payment. If this happens, the expert believes, the appeal of fate money will gradually come down. Moreover, drayer believes in «bright future» bitcoin and believes that the price of it can grow to $ 250 thousand. In the next four years.

So his son, founder and ceo boost vc adam drope. In his opinion, after 10 years, people will be much more likely to use cryptocompany than fate money.

To date, according to us global investors, the volume of fate money located in the turnover of the united states is $ 1.59 trillion. However, the representatives of the chicago federal reserve bank believe that this value may fall to $ 501 billion for ten years, as citizens are increasingly using bitcoin to make transactions.

In the federal reserve bank g. St. Louis declare that cryptocurrency will be very soon recognized by the payment agent, despite the difficulties that exist today. Experts believe that they will be solved.

However, there are those who skeptically look at such a perspective. For example, president reserve bank of new york john williams believees that cryptomones will never replace the american dollar, because the do not meet the characteristics of the currency. He joins the view that bitcoin is most often used to finance illegal activities and money laundering.

Recall: representatives of the european securities and markets department cated that in accordance with the european union directive «o financial instruments markets» (mifid), some cryptocurrencies can be recognized by financial instruments.

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