When It Is Worth Buying Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency Continues To Lose In Price

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April 20, 2022
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The cost of the electronic currency continues to fall and today reached the indicator $ 8686. About the reasons and forecasts for the near future read in the material.

When is it worth buying Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency continues to lose in price

Bitcoin purchase rate

More on monday, bitcoin’s course dropped to the figure of $ 8700. According to current information, before friday, the cost fell to $ 8686. Despite the decreasing indicators regarding the price, trading in the asset is gaining momentum.

Senior analyst bestchange.Ru nikita zubarev expressed the opinion that the fall in the cost of bitcoin is technical character and is not based on the strategic mood of the market. At the same time, the specialist notes that the renewal of the growth of the price of bitcoin in the near future may be a impetus for this can be the increasing interest of asian investors to electronic currency.

The specialist also notes that, analyzing the state of affairs on the cryptocurrency market, it is worth considering the impact of local news about regulation and / or accessibility. In this case, the influence of macroeconomic indicators to the cryptocurrency market is not traced.

Zubarev notes that the current drop price – uncritical, especially considering the revival of trade in cryptocurrency derivatives. According to the expert, it is this indicator of the adoption of a digital currency as a full-fledged financial instrument. He also emphasizes that in the long run, the latter may have a positive effect on the price stability of bitcoin.

But maria stankevich, exmo exchange development director, relies on other beliefs. An analyst believees that the fall in the price of bitcoin is due to disappointing fundamental news, based on which bitcoin’s purchase is now – not the best of ideas.

Recall that according to analysts, the price cryptocurrency is not always directly related to the volume of internet activity.

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