When Zagitova Ceases To Be Considered The Best Figure Skater In The World

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April 21, 2022
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Alina zagitova ranked third at the grand prix in japan, but still could get into the final part of the tournament. Despite the loss to more young competitors, the figure skater continues to consider the best in the world. Will it end – we understand in the material.


Zagitova did not get worse, just figured skating flies into space

Alina zagitova this season is clearly inferior to his colleagues «crystal»: alain korsosnaya, alexander trucova and anna shcherbakova. This allowed some fans of figure skating to declare «failure» and loud «fall» alina. Some wrote that this is due to the large number of ice shows in the off-season and the reluctance of the figure skater.

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But everything is more prosa. Alina did not get worse. Winning last season of the world cup, she closed the last large tournament in his career and did it as much as possible. The reason for the failure of zagitov – in the evolution of figure skating. At one time, this evolution allowed her to win and win everyone. Jumping with arms raised, elements in the second part of the program – all this worked as new items that have brought success. It’s time for quads.

This was confirmed by the choreographer alina daniel gleihenghauses. According to him, the coaching headquarters led by eteri tutberidze always tried to predict where figure skating will turn. Theraefore, it turns out that the champions in «crystal» produced generations. There was lipnitskaya, then medvedev, further zagitova, and now at once the trio in the face of ex-juniors.

But to bury alina even this season early. She is only 17, and although quads are hardly this season will appear in her program, it remains competitive figure skater. And here you can agree with tatyana navka, who believees that next world championship has not passed, it is zagitova that remains the best woman’s best woman of the planet.

And then spring will already show that yes, as, and perhaps, this title will go «russian rocket» alexandra trucovoye. Then this victory will be the peak of the iteas of ultra-si jumps and will affect the development of fc.

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