Where Jose Mourinho, Who We Know: In Tottenham, His Good Twin, But It Is Not For Long

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April 21, 2022
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«Special» jose mourinho returned to his beloved apl and began to show that he knows the rules of the game. First press conference as a chief coach «tottenham» it turned out the most epic. Read more in material.

Where Jose Mourinho, Who WE Know: In Tottenham, His Good Twin, But It Is Not for Long

«Father, friend and girl»: mourinho conquers journalists

Deny that jose mourinho – one of the most successful coaches, pretty stupid. This is told trophies that he won with clubs for his career. Do not stupid to make clarification that in recent years it has much worse. From the revolutionary in football, the portuguese turned into a hospital and grinding nahala, whom the case is expelled from clubs.

But it does not happen immediately. At first time «special» conquers everyone and instills confidence in the future. He showman who knows how to manipulate the main weapon – media. In particular, it im important for work in the submarine, the richest league of the world. From that and began his way in «tottenham» «special one».

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First sub «hit» sky sports journalists hit, on whose channel jose worked as an expert after his dismissal from «manchester united». Mourinho addressed them, saying that he himself is a bit sad and does not understand why they are so funny, because in theory they should also be sad that he left. But finished the idea of ​​the coaching bench, behind which he missed.

The idea that he was not just resting for 11 monhs, but he was preparing for a new challenge, he passed a red thread across the entire press conference. Jose tried to convince everyone that he had changed, became more judicious and would not allow old mistakes. But at the same time promised, which will allow new.

And this is the whole portuguese. He is already preparing straw in case of his failure, in parallel with this promising to deal with the highest awards. So, jose said that next season they «can win», but at the same time stressed that it does not give 100% warranty. Smurinho could cope with the most unpleasant but expected issue from the media regarding his statement of management times «chelsea». Then moore said that he would never lead «tottenham», after all, heavily respects fans «chelsea» (both clubs from london). To the question, which has changed since then, the portuguese answered: «it was before me fired».

Jose – experienceed old fox who feels at press conferences like fish in water. At least when the situation has not yet acquired an extremely negative shade. Now he is the king of the situation and his task – we use as much as possible. He must like everyone, including his footballs who, according to media, heated in a personal conversation that he was ready for them «father, friend or girl».

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