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January 11, 2022
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Lawyers representing a japanese businessman kazuo okard, filed a petition for revising the decision on the case of the ministry of justice philippines (doj).

Whether the Ministry of Justice will revise the Philippine case Cadzo Okada

Earlier, the ministry of justice concluded that kazuo okada must be accused of assigning $ 3 million belonging to tiger resort, leisure and entertainment inc, okada manila casino operator.

The 14-page proposal for the the revision of the case was submitted on behalf of kadzuo okada and takahiro usui, the former main operating operating operatinger and president of the casino resort.

In the document, lawyers argue that the ministry of justice «made a mistake», accusing okada.

So ministry of justice reported that the foundation was found to present the accusation of kadzuo okade fraud, who declares that $ 3.15 million received as wages during his stay as executive director tiger resort. Ministry of justice also recommended predicting the accusations of takahiro usui, stating that the latter contributed to the okada in obtaining funds, despite the fact that such payments were not approved by the company’s board of directors, as required by the charter of the organization.

However, the accusations against okada were rejected by the prosecutor’s office of the city of pararajak in may of the current year.

At the request of the ministry of justice, it was stated that the amounts received by kazuo okard were paid for «services provided» tiger resort, leisure and entertainment from april to may 2017. Also part of the amount is a fee for consulting services provided by companies in 2017. Lawyers also add that payments were «sanctioned and legitimate» and what «there is no evidence of any conspiracy between respondents».

«The money that legally earned okada was not received by mistaken, nor as a result of fraud», – the petition says.

In the document submitted, lawyers turn to the ministry of justice of the decerber 7 and the city of the decree of the resolution of the city of pararajak.

Recall that tiger resort, leisure and entertainment is controlled by universal entertainment corp registered in japan, the founder of which is kazuo okada.

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