Which Cryptocurrencies In 2019? The Most Promising Coins According To Experts

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February 7, 2022
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Despite the fact that the crypton shoves in decline throughout the 2018th, experts predict that the trend’s bear will soon be changed by bullish. They told what cryptocurrencies can demonstrate growth in 2019.

What are the cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019? The most promising coins according to experts
Content: 1. Bitcoin – btc2. Binance coin – bnb3. Ripple4. Etherium5. Lightcoin

Bitcoin – btc

Bitcoin – this is a cryptocurrency that inevitably affects the entire market. Despite the fact that at the time of march 20, the price of btc is $ 4047, experts are confident that this year the coin will demonstrate growth. Despite the volatility, bitcoin is the market leader and, according to experts, will remain in 2019.

In addition, analysts believe that the negative trend, which was subject to the first cryptocurid, was formed as a result of the absence of a regulatory system in most countries. However, in 2019, the situation should change for the better.

Binance coin – bnb

Experts predict the growth of the binance cryptocurrency exchange token. Compared to other cryptomones, the binance coin has high liquidity, which distinguishes it from other digital currencies.

In addition, recently binance launched the binance chain’s own test block. If the pilot project demonstrates positive results, the bnb will be transferred to it.



Analysts believe that in 2019 the ripple will grow, as many financial companies, including large, became interested in a coin. To date, 100 institutions have been working in partnership with ripple. In addition, the developers themselves argue that as a result of the update, the system will be able to handle about 50 thousand. Transactions per second (tps).


The list of the most promising cryptocurrency and etherif. Experts predict that investing in eth in 2019 can bring significant income. Despite the prolonged bear trend, the developers have significantly improved the coin. There are several prerequisites for growth, including the increase in the number of smart contracts that offer safety, accuracy, scalability and transparency.


Initially, lightcoin was designed as an alternative to the first cryptocurrency – bitcoin. According to experts, today the entire potential of lightcine is not yet fully estimated. In addition, over the past month, he demonstrated 22% growth.

Earlier it became known that the famous investor mark faber invested in bitcoin.

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