Why Telegram Can Not Block In Russia?

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January 28, 2022
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Deputy prime minister of the russian federation maxim akimov gave his comments on why roskomnadzor could not block telegram messenger.

Why does Telegram can not block in Russia?

The activities of maxim akimova include supervision of the telecommunications and transport industry. He explained that all the technical capabilities of the russian regulatory department are ineffective. In addition, the official noted that in escalation with telegram there is no guilt of the state.

Akimov noted that in the blocking process, roskomnadzor used at all «immature» solutions. At the same time, he said that he expected to see another scenario for the development of events. However, he does not belong to the number of supporters of the idea of ​​blocking a popular messenger. Politician is confident that the situation looks like «dramatic» for all sides of this situation.

Telegram is waiting for blocking, no matter what

In turn, the deputy head of the ministry of communications oleg ivanov is confident that the messenger will finally block the messenger. He believes that this will happen in the near future, since the state, as a rule, fulfills its promises, and this time will hardly be an exception.

Previously, it became known that the case associated with the telegram messenger blocking was transferred to the european court of human rights (echr).

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