Why Tim Was Offended By Serena Williams, And Zizizpas Went To Depression? Details Of The Main Sensations “Roland Garros”

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March 1, 2022
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Dominic tim accused the legendary serena williams in a bad temper while wawrinka and tsizizpas played one of the longest matches in history, which turned out for one of them almost depressed. Read details about the main sensations «rolan garros».

Why Tim was offended by Serena Williams, and Zizizpas went to depression? Details of the main sensations 'Roland Garros'
Content: 1. Dominic tim so angry that forgot about victory2. Vavrinka drove cycipas to depression

Dominic tim so got angry that i forgot about the victory

Austrian tennis player rejoiced victory over pablo cuevas and calmly answered questions from journalists. However, it is not known where representatives of serena williams appeared from, and early stopped the press conference of dominica. The fact is that american «shld» hold your meeting in the main hall, no matter what.

When sascha wins the first two sets but flops in next two to take it to fifth set pic.Twitter.Com / wrbjcutmie

— dominic.Meme (@dominicmeme)
june 1, 2019.

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In order of things, tim was offended and trembled on people who came «put it out of the door». Even the director of the guy furge tournament apologized to the tennis player, which today, june 3, meets with gael montfis in the fourth round of the tournament. First, austrian stated he was not some kind of junior, so that he was expelled to organize the conference of the loser williams.

Later, the athlete said:

«I should not have said that i was not junior to save me. Even in the case of junior – need to wait until he finishes. This is a generally accepted order, and the one who violates it shows its illness. I am sure that federer or nadal will not allow himself».

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Vavrinka drove cycipas to depression

These guys on friday played the fourth in the rating of the longest matches in history «rolan garros». But after the focus was not the victory of stan after a desent interruption in connection with the restoration of health, and the depression of stefanosa.


After 5 hours and 5 sets, @stanwawrinka defeats stefanos tsitsipas 7-6 (6), 5-7, 6-4, 3-6, 8-6. # rg19 pic.Twitter.Com / upgdxt8bgr

— tennis channel (@tennischannel)
june 2, 2019.

Wavy after the game:

«This is why it was worth returning after the break and operations».

Cycizpa after the game:

«The worst thing that could happen in tennis. This is the most terrible feeling in the world i worried».

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Today i felt something that i can’t really explain. Today was the first time in my entire life, in my twenty years of existence that i felt that “aura”, the real definition of the word, competition. Not any kind of competition though, it felt different than any other time, any other battle, any other moment on the tennis court. There is something about today that i won’t be able to explain. It’s a feeling that makes me appreciate the sport that i chose to pursue in my life as a career. The bitter taste of that loss is something unexplainable. @ stanwawrinka85 makes our sport real and pragmatic. It’s something that’s rare to find in the world that we are at. It’s something unique. There is loads of charm and charisma to it. We both struggled, we both went beyond our limits, we both experienced luck and our destiny was drawn on that parisian court after five hours of physical and mental suffering. I really don’t know if what i feel right now is positive or negative. There is no bipolar effect to it. Today i learned something that no school, no classroom, no teacher would be able to teach. It’s called, living life!

Publication from stefanos tsitsipas (@ stefanostsipas98) 2 jun 2019 at 2:19 pdt

After the ordinary watch game, even the most evil tennis player would not speak so about defeat. But it’s about the match at five o’clock and nine minutes. 20-year-old athlete at the moment is the current champion of three apr tournaments and an uptrend world tennis star.

Greek was so much upset that literally poured his social networks sad posts. And live in instagram guy against the background of the black screen, he argued about the tension and despair.

I am a loner. I always was.

— stefanos tsitsipas (@teftsipas)
june 3, 2019.

Ever tried.
Ever failed.
No matter.
Try again.
Fail again.
Fail better.

Inspirated by @stanwawrinka.

— stefanos tsitsipas (@teftsipas)
june 2, 2019.

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