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July 25, 2022
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The arrow image necessarily included several attributes: revolver, faithful horse and card. Poker used extremely popular. This game has opened up ample opportunities at the wrong bluff. Then it was not only money, but also their own life. At any time, the party could end with a shootout. A similar fate has suffered wildly bill hicoca.

Imysheyms batler hikok
pseudonym wild bill hikok
date of birth may 27, 1837
place of birth homer, district la sal, illinois, united states
date of death august 2, 1876
a place of death dedwood, county lawrence, south dakota


James was born in a big family – he had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Childhood passed on the farm. Most of the time, the young man spent on the field, helping his father.

Love for the cards to him brothers and sisters. After the work of the defortion was going to play poker. At the same time, james began to master the shooting from the revolver – he almost never lasted on an empty bottle.

In 15 years, more duties fell on the young man after the death of the father. He always dreamed of staying on the farm to help her mother, but he had to escape from the state. At 18, james came up with another young man. Rivals fell into a waste pit – everyone believed that his opponent was killed. To avoid possible arrest, james moved to kansas and settled a director of a diligence.

Number of legends

In 1961, david mccalens – the leader of the gang in nebrash – declared to the station rock creek. The leader demanded a rental fee from the local manager and threetened the murder. At this time, james was in the room, which at the crucial moment snatched the revolver and for the fraction of a second killed david mccalens with his two accomplices.

"I never in my entire life took advantage of any long advantage over the enemy," – wild bill hikok

In nebrash, the began to quickly spread rumors that a simple diligence driver was dealt with three gangsters – he killed all opponents to the head. At the same time, journalists were interested in history. Giving interviews, james chose a pseudonym wild bill hikok. Journalists began to rewrite history, each time adding new facts.

About hicock knew on all wild west. During the civil war, he did not make difficulty to take place of the army commander under the start of general james henry layn. During the fighting, wild bill met buffalo bill – famous at that time a hunter on bizonov and showman.

Feats in war raised the reputation of hicoca among americans. This allowed him to take second place in the elections of the city church in springfield in september 1865. Later bill moved to fort riley, kansas. In a new place, he settled down by the deputy federal marshal.

Wild bill earned 1,800 dollars a year and 25% of all the penalties issued – impressive money for those times.

Well, azart path

James did not miss the opportunity to play poker – the main thing is that table be decent opponents. While the driver of a diligence of hikoku had to visit salons often in a variety of corners of america. After he became known as wild bill, not every risked to play against him. According to rumors, james never suffered defeat.

It is reliably aware of the game of wild bill at lyon house in 1865. He sat here for a card table for sevel days. In case of loss, hikok took money from davis tatta. He himself was an avid amateur amateur, but was afraid to make bets against wild bill. Instead, the uplist gave advice to opponents, hoping for their winning.

Davis was trying to humiliate his friend in service. His plan failed wild bill won 200 dollars. Then the rostovist decided to go to another way. He reminded bill about the old debt of $ 40, which was formed after the unsuccessful sale of horses. Hikok immediately paid money that he introduced tatt into rage. The latter stated in publicly that wild bill should have another $ 10 and took the golden clock as collateral.

In the wild west, such triggers were a serious insult. Tatt cast doubt on the solvency of the wild bill, which would have a negative impact on his reputation. No skilled shooter could calmly let the offnder. Wild bill returned to the revolver to deal with the scoundrel.

At 18:00 on july 21, 1865, hikok approached the square to davis tattu. He tried to avoid shooting, offering to return the clock and apologize. The offnder stud motionless, but after a moment he took up the gun. Eyewitneses reported that rivals shot at the same time. Tatt missed, and bully hicoca got into the heart of davis.

After 2 days of wild bill arrested, but soon justified. According to the statements of witnesses, tatt first got a revolver. The judges also counted the killed by the sweatshirt, because he had no right to confiscate the clock.

Mortal party

The shootout because of the fictional card debt was not enough reason to say goodbye to your favorite game. Wild bill could not live without poker.

For the last time he sat down at the table on august 1, 1876 in salyna nuttal & mann’s.

Wild bill played almost all night and was on a kerge, when a free place appeared nearby. He was taken by a drunk young man named jack mccall. Alcohol interfered critically thought, and he quickly lost everything. Drunkard wanted to further bet, but wild bill offered to take a break and gave some money for breakfast. Similar gesture insulted mckola.

The young man left salun, but soon returned with the revolver. Wild bill then sat back to the entrance and was a light target. In addition, a long-lasting poker game was exhausted. James had no chance to dodge – jack mccall got into the head.

Hikok died instantly with maps in hand. Then he played five-finished herds. He had two pairs of black tows and eights. Later, such a split will be called "man’s hand". Mccall for some time boasted the murder of wild bill, until he was pulled out at the gallows.

The fifth card in the "hand of the dead man" remains the subject of the dispute

Legends do not die

The adventures of hicoca became the basis for numerous articles in the media. The absence of some facts allowed to journalists to make a story so that the people’s hero of the wild west looks even epicer.

The skills of the poker game appreciatted in 1979 – hikok became one of the first seven members of the hall of glory. His biography was also used for numerous films:

  • "Young bill hikok" (1940).
  • "Wild cat from tucson" (1940).
  • "I killed wild bill" (1956).
  • "White bison" (1977).
  • "Legend of lone ranger" (1981).
  • "Wild bill" (1995).

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