Wilder Is Confident In His Victory Over Tyson Fury

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April 26, 2022
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Before the most expected revenge in heavy between deontei wilder and tyson fury left for two monhs. Despite this, briton decided to change the coach. American champion criticized his rival. Read more in material.

Wilder IS Confident in His Victory Over Tyson Fury

Wilder vs fury; for deontea do not work «mind games»

2020 will begin with one of the brightst confrontations in modern boxing. Of coursee, about revenge between fury and wilder. Their first meeting in december last year presents the glow of passions, a worthy of hollywood film. Tyson leaded her points and confidently moved to victory, but in the end he visited the knockdown twice. The judges decided to draw a pretty rare event in martial arts.

Revenge promises to be no less exciting, and both athletes are actively involved in promoting their fight. We advise you to read our material about «games mind», who started tyson fury with his rival. That’s just deonttey creates the impression of a person who is tricks of the british do not work.

The other day, «bronze bomber» completed his trip in italy, where he met with the pope roman. Perhaps he was influenced by the meeting, but after the trips, deonttei in an interview looked completely calm and confident. Wilder did not comment on fry attacks. Instead, he concentrated on solving his opponent to change the coach.

According to the american champion, this step is a consequence of tyson’s concern about the result of their meeting. But wilder is confident that it will not help him, because the coach will not be able to teach strength and speed. Deonttey believees that, as it were, fury did not try, he still loses.

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