Will Las Vegas Sands Become One Of The Licensed Operators In Osaka

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January 31, 2023
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Governor osaka ityiro matsui announced that osaki officials plan to starting potential partners from the private sector to jointly submit an application for casino-resort by the central authorities of japan.

Will Las Vegas Sands Become One of the Licensed Operators in Osaka

«We will select candidates, assessing their plans and readiness to invest at the beginning of next year», – quotes matsui japanese news agency kyodo.

Comments governor osaka were made after meeting operatinger of the american operator las vegas sands corp., robert goldestein. Mayor osaka hirofumi yoshimur also attended the meeting.

Osaka constantly declares the support of hosting integrated resorts. As part of the first wave of liberalization of gambling in the country will be allowed to three casino resorts.

By july 2019, the japanese government will announce a procedural framework, in accordance with which local authorities will begin to submit applications to the national authorities.

In osaka, the government perceives gambling business as a method of stimulating the local economy due to taxation, job creation and infrastructure, as well as expansion of inbound tourism. The resort casino is likely to be located on an artificial island called yumeshim (translated as ‘dream island’).

According to forecasts of the morgan stanley banking group, the casino in osaka will have to bring $ 4 billion a year to provide 14% of the annual income fromvestement.

Some analysts consider the leading player in obtaining one of the construction and development of a casino in japan las vegas sands. Sheldon adelson, chairman and executive director of the company, said in july that his company «looking forward to» implementation of projects in japan.

Las vegas sands already controls a number of casinos in asian jurisdictions, namely in macau and in singapore.

Refecture of wakica yoshinobu nisaka and the masahiro is not concerned about the construction of the resort casino in wakayama marina city. The mayor opposes this idea due to possible problems with gambling addiction.

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