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January 17, 2022
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William Bennet

City of sins for some time was a massiform for mafia. For major casinos stood morris dalitz, meer lanski, baghi sigel and other gangsters. In the second half of the twentieth century, professional managers came to replace them. Among them, a huge contribution to the restoration of las vegas’s reputation made william bennett. Where some seen a unprofitable casino, he managed to find new opportunities for business development. With the help of bennet, the city of sins gradually began to turn into a family resort.

Name bennett
date of birth november 16, 1924
place of birth glendale, arizona, usa
date of death december 22, 2002
a place of death las vegas, nevada, usa

Early years

William was born in a wealthy family. His father was the owner of the ranch, and the grandfather earlier managed the hotel and served as mayor. Secondary education the future manager received at the local glendale school. After it, he successfully entered the phoenix college.

Having reached the age of majority, william moved to the us navy and participated in world war ii as a pilot bombarder. In 2006, the name of bennett will be included in the hall of fame aviation.

First business and failure

After the end of the war, yesterday, the student almost immediately began for the business. For several years he managed to build a network of furniture stores with headquarters in phoenix. William was not afraid to taste the fruits of wealth, so they led enough lifestyle and did not refuse himself.

Bennett consisted of a prestigious golf club phoenix country club

In 1962, during his holidays in guaymas, the first wife of bennett – barbara died. Returning home, the managerial soldered the furniture empire. Then one of his friends founded a new investment company – previous projects always brought him a lot of money.

Most of the capital bennett sent to securities. Stocks began to fall, but the investor continued to buy them. He believed that securities would grow in price. But when for 1 day their cost fell by $ 20, william recognized himself with bankrupt.

"I must be something like a pig. It is bankrupt, "says bennett about unsuccessful investments.

Acquaintance with azart

Membership in the prestigious golf club brought its fruits. William became a close friend of the president of del webb l. From. Jacobsen. Then the major developer rose to the level of the corporation and intended to distribute capital in different areas of activity.

Del webb mainly built a nursing home, but in the mid-1960s began to invest in hotels and casinos. In 1965, william bennett offered work in sahara tahoe – resort on lake tahoe in nevada.

"Most people managers at the time have passed through the career of dealers, sellers, and so on, and in fact they didn’t have any experience in business," said william bennett in 1975.

Jacobsen turned out to be a revolutionary. President del webb invited leadership managers who have not previously been associated with gambling. Betting on bennett turned out to be successful.

During the day, the newly minted head of sahara tahoe visited various parts of the hotel – william studied the work of each institution. Even at night he followed the order in the main hall. After 6 months, bennett increased to the general director.

The property in del webb had another unprofitable enterprise – mint casino in the center of las vegas. Before the arrival of bennett, it lied $ 4.5 million per year. Manager managed to optimize the work of the casino. For the first year, profit management was $ 2.5 million, the following – $ 9 million, and in a few years they managed to reach an indicator of $ 19 million.

In 1967, del webb, the founder of the corporation of the same name, personally asked bennett to head 2 casinos – mint and sahara tahoe.

Under the control of william turned out to be two most profitable facilities in the corporation. Despite this, the size of his salary did not differ from the salaries of other managers. In the 1960s, their bid was $ 150 thousand. In year. However, bennett, unlike others, received options per shares. In 1971, their sale brought a manager $ 5 million.

While working in the mint casino, william met steve wine. Then the future legendary manager was engaged in selling alcoholic beverages. Eyewitnesse more thanne seen bennett and winn at mint’s zodiac bar.

Circus circus

William left del webb in 1971. Steve wine, the golden nugget control package appeared at this time, and he suggested a unrequisite friend a fairly high position. He refused – he had plans to build their own company.

Soon the fate of bennett brought with william pennington. First, partners decided to provide casino slot machines. In may 1974, they rented circus circus. Jay sarno and stanley mallina could not bring the casino to mind – the establishment for a long time brought losses.

The tenant was provided with a purchase option circus circus. In 1983, bennett and pennington will take advantage of this opportunity and become its full owners.

William bennette circus circus became one of las vegas’s most popular casino

Sarnno never wanted to recognize mistakes. He refused to build a hotel, believing that the casino and the circus would be enough. On las vegas strip circus circus became the first institution oriented on family vacation. While parents made rates, their children were busy show. Today, such a concept issed in many las vegas casino.

In the 1970s it was not enough to obtain a stable profit. First of all, bennett and pennington have invested money in the construction of the tower for 395 rooms. Partners accepted several other successful solutions:

  • Fighting corruption. Managers paid excessively high fees and took kickbacks. Because of this, bennett had to say goodbye to some employees and make changes to corporate culture.
  • Middle class rate. While competitors chased the hairollers, bennett attracted ordinary workers. Circus circus advertising was broadcast on the radio and almost everyone who drove to las vegasu was heard.
  • Slot machines. People from other professions came to the position of managers, for example, dealers. They disassembled in board games, so almost did not give the slots. To correct the situation, a department was created with automatic. The head of the division directly reported to bennett.
  • Events. Circus circus often sponsored various shows. Bennett loved to ride a motorcycle and perfectly managed stage stained aircraft.

"There is a room if not, we will place you", – one of the advertising slogans circus circus.

The chain of successful solutions led to a stunning result. In 1978, a new casino opened in reno. After 3 years, the hotel complex was expanded to 725 numbers. In february 1983, the list of resorts has replenished casino edgewater.

In october of the same year, steve winn convinced william bennett to go to the ipo. The starting price of the shares of circus circus enterprises amounted to $ 15 and the end of the day it increased to $ 16.87. Capitalization of the company grew rapidly, and the influx of money allowed to open a few more casinos.

In 1990, the creators of circus circus decided to return to the origins. The ideas of the founder sarno were reflected in the excalibur casino. The total area of ​​the resort amounted to more 50 acres, on which the castle was built by 4000 numbers. By the time the conservation of excalibur was considered the largest hotel in the world. According to travel toplist, in 2020 he took the 12th line in this indicator.

"Thematic resort" offered an exciting adventure for the whole family. Corridors, rooms and halls were impregnated by the spirit of the middle age and the legends about king arthur.

The resort recalls the castle and not a typical hotel las vegas

In 1993, circus circus spends $ 375 million at luxor – a new resort offered to get acquainted with the history of egypt. By this time, the company becomes the largest employer of nevada – its staff includes more than 18,000 employees.

Sunset career

In 1991, bennett announced his intention to leave the company. Later he sold 900 thousand. Shares of $ 60.25 – the total amount of the transaction was $ 54.2 million. William left the post of chairman of the company in 1994 after the first decrease in annual profit.

Circus circus began to worry not better times. The company suffered serious expenses due to investing in new hotels. The corporation also intended to acquire hacienda, but bennett managed to buy a resort. As a result, the court took place between circus circus and william – the latter was obliged to transfer the casino and abandon the place in the board of directors. The remaining stocks managers sold for $ 230 million.

"If you approached the door simultaneously with mr. Bennett, he would stretch his hand like a gentleman, and he would hold the door for you. And it does not depend on your status. I saw it did it for the cleaner, "- publicist circus circus joyce gordon about willm bennett (in the photo)

The old man was not going to finish the game. In 1995, he purchased sahara casino for $ 193 million. A year later survived a heart attack, but health problems did not prevent william to realize their plans. He conducted a large-scale reconstruction and expanded the hotel. Bennett continued to actively manage sahara casino until his death on december 27, 2002. Last instructions, he gave straight from the hospital desert spring in las vegas.

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