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January 26, 2022
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When it comes to rates, most people involuntarily think about earnings. However, gambling has a reverse side. Casino offer unique leisure – a kind of entertainment industry for adults. It grumbled so much that it took an important place in the economy of some countries and became the object of research. Professor william idington risked his career and one of the first began to consider rates from a scientific point of view.

Name william idington
date of birth january 1, 1946
place of birth fullerton, california, united states
date of death february 11, 2013
a place of death crystal bay, nevada, usa


William was born in fullerton. Most of his childhood took place in the small town of brie in california. In school, he showed curiosity to numbers – mathematic abilities will help him in the future.

After school, william entered the university of santa clara. Here he received a bachelor’s degree of mathematics. At 23, idington wrote a course work while studying in graduate studies of clermont. When he received a doctorate degree in economics, it was not fully determined where to apply my knowledge.

Acquaintance with azart

In the 1960s, young william visited las vegas for the first time. Then many were fascinated by the calculations of the cards – the edward torp system. The first bets in the aladdin casino brought profit. Very fast william, along with a friend earned $ 1000.

Aladdin casino in 1967

In the eyes of the eyeington, fire caught fire – mathematic skills will help to become a professional player. At the distance the result was a depth. Because of the failure band, mathematician, together with a partner, lost almost all the money and returned to california with nothing.

In 1969, idington continued to study the economy, but at the university of nevada in reno. Returning to the the only state where casmercial casinos were legalized, the mathematician hoped to find a huge library about gambling. In fact, there were little serious work on gambling.

The first scientific article on the rates "friedman and savage" appeared in 1948. According to the theory of authors, rich people are more prone to risk than poor.

Milton fredman and leonard savage tried to explain why the rates do not drive society crazy. Then icyton finally understood what i want to do. Mathematician went to risk and decided to devote life to the study of the casino industry.

Science of risk

In 1972, the university passted the first course on the economy of gambling. Among the speakers, one of the first casino owners in reno. Invited guest came to occupation drunk, grabbing a weapon with him.

In 1974, on the initiative of william idington, the first "national gambling and risk and risk conference" was held in reno – later it will become international. Not only casino leaders were performed from the scene, but also scientists. The event had a secret name – "conference of idington".

All his life, william wrote more thank 100 scientific work on the study of gambling. His articles appeared on the pages of prestigious publications:

  • Journal of gambling studies.
  • Journal of gambling business and economics.
  • Unlv gaming research & review journal.
  • International gambling studies and others.

In 1989, at the university of nevada, a institute for learning gambling and commercial games. For several years, the post of director held william idington.

Influence for gambling industry

Mathematics often quoted british priest gordon moody – an old enemy of bets. The last in the 1960s created the organization "anonymous players" to help the people addressed from azart.

Views of william turned out to be somewhat wider. He learned the effect of gambling for massees and the economy as a a whole, and the possible damage for individual individuals went into the background. Professor has always been convinced that the opponents and supporters of the casino should cooperate. Together they will achieve the necessary balance between negative impact on individuals and legitimate rights to rates.

"There are still many hot statements that, on the one hand, commercial games are a modern form of entertainment, and on the other – one of the most detrimental angry, which impose anything suspected public. However, reality clearly lies between these extreme opinions in society, "wille william idington in 2003.

For help from the professor addressed representatives of other countries. At one time he advised the government from south africa and south korea, revealing the potential of gambling for the economy of gambling for the economy of statees.

In the course of observations, he came to several conclusions, which were considered non-obvious:

  • American roulette is noticeable inferior to european in popularity due to a higher advantage of the casino. In 1998, there were 8.3% of victories in nevada. In europe, roulette occupies a dominant position among board games.
  • William drew attention to competition. In nevada, began to fight for players than in atlantic city. Casino cannot refuse advantage, so to attract visitors, resort to increased limits, compensation for damages, discounts on the number and t.D.
  • Local players more often tourists discuss rates. Their higher involvement leads to the fact that they choose gambling with the lowest advantage of the casino.

Idington regularly composed predictions regarding the nearest future gambling. In 1999, he literally predicted the prohibition of online casino in the united states in 2006. According to mathematics, the accessibility of bets for a wide audience has led to the negative.

Poor population could not afford a trip to nevada or atlantic city. Online casino with a minimum rate from $ 1 changed the rules of the game. People no longer needed to overcome hundreds of miles, spend money on the hotel room and t.D. For negative impact, a larger number of people began to fall, and the legalization of online casinos became unfavorable for politicians.

"Everyone went to him, because he was the smartest guy. And he was absolutely not afraid to criticize someone or anything, "professor bo bernhard about william idington (in the photo)


In 2011, the american game association included william idington in the hall of fame. By this time, religious personalities have already consisted in it:

  • Frank sinatra.
  • Steve winn.
  • Kirk kerkoran and others.

Professor died aged 67 years. 3 days after his death, senator dean heller noted the contribution of mathematics to the development of nevada.

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