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March 14, 2022
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Not in all gambling in rivals equal chances of winning. If the table is the master of his business of william jones, someone exactly loses its condition. He was taken for a merchant, farmer and a downtime, but no victim saw in him. He never fell behind the bars and drank players around his finger until his days.

Namevileyam jones
nickname canada bill
date of birth 1837
place of birth yorkshire, england
date of death october 22, 1877
a place of death reading, pennsylvania, united states


William’s parents were gypsies. Most of the childhood went to the camp. His formation turned out to be specific – instead of books, the child was handed to. To the teenage age, william mastered sevel games, and also learned to put on a deck.

Gypsies mined money to be deceived, so the camp often moved. In 1860, william left his homeland – he went to canada in search of adventures.

New horizons

Jones began to test the skills in a threecaded monte. This is a simple game, similar to thimble, – participants need to guess where the lady is.

In 1985, in canada introduced criminal pricing for organizing rates in a threecaded monte

Here, the young man got acquainted with the first partner – dick cadi. Together the left dozens of victims a day without a penny, until the accused each other in fraud.

William wanted to leave canada. He went on a journey through the mississippi river, along the way. Passengers turned out to be easy pry. They boring on the way, so the the enthusiastically took part in gambling entertinment.

During the trip, our hero found new partners:

  • Toma browna.
  • George devol.
  • Holly chapevela.

According to rumors, the total capital of fraudsters was calculated in hundreds of thousands of dollars. The share of one tom brown was $ 240,000.

Banda broke down upon arrival in the usa. After time with devol, but partners sorted into the midst of civil war due to mutual fraud accuses.

Communion – advantage

Johns’s success helped not only skills in card games. A sloppy man of medium height with blue eyes often picked and did not go. His idiotic smile misled. Jones perceived as a mad or fool, but no one saw a professional player in it.

William was well versed in psychology. He did not make difficulty tie a conversation with a potential victim. Most often, the dialogue began with issues of weather or profession.

Related acquaintances have respondd positively about william. He was considered very kind and merciful. Canada bill selected all the money from a nice, but could share a winner with a chance passersby. Once he gave $ 50 to the monk.

In 1874, jones lured several hundred dollars from one man. Later, the wife of a loser approached him and began to begging to return the means. The sinister did not change at all in his face, but to save her and children from hunger, he took out a pack of money. Bill remembered the exact amount, counted it and returned the desperate woman. He added another $ 20 and asked to spend them on children.

Conquest us

After the civil war, jones moved to kansas city. Here he met the danish. Partners began to travel on trains. Rather quickly they won the amount of $ 200 thouusand.

The airway guide union pacific railroad concerned. It began to pursue scammers. In response, william offered one of the top managers a bribe – scammers were ready to pay $ 10 thousand. Per year for exclusive rights to the game with passengers. According to rumors, the chains bribe the conductors. The amounts of bribes reached $ 30 thousand. In year.

In 1871, canada bill stopped in omaha. This city literally lived at the expense of the railway. Population amounted to 16 thouusand. Man, but a lot of tourists stayed. Men often went off trains to walk around local bars.

"Imologically allowed loche to keep your money," – canada bill.

Bill took advantage of the situation and invested in the hotel canfield house. All guests were offered to experience luck in a threecaded monte right in the lobby. The first client lost $ 100 in a couple of minutes – more monthly salary of the average american american.

Business began to expand quickly. Subordinates playing stations and in bars. Often they took the money from drunk passengers. Instead, the violators were charged with a short prison sentence, so no one was afraid to get behind the stealing grille.

Among the subordinates, sherman trresson and the dokgs dob. The first quickly entered the trust and pushed to the rates – the rich victims were sent straight to jones.

Shark vs. Kasatok

Canada bill had evely chance of becoming a multimillionaire, build a hotel chain and log in to the list of ricest american. But he had one problem – gambling.

Skillful sinister loved to bet. The first serious loss occurred in 1873. Canada bill together with accomplices went to the boxing match between tom allen and ben hogan. When their favorite began to lose, the gang broke into the ring with revolvers in his hands. The media in all fell on the criminals with omaha.

Aftert this incident, william jones suffered a business in chicago. A sinker united in jimmy porter and charlie starr. They organized 4 gambling houses.

William jones lost $ 150 thouusand. In year.

Canada bill has achieved facilitated skills in threecaded monte. However, his skills in other games were left to desire better. When professionals turned out at the table, william literally fell into despair. Successful screw did not want to recognize defeat, but most often leaving empty pockets.

Jones moved to cleveland, hoping to correct the situation. However, luck left him forever – a series of bad luck continued. Canada bill deceorate selected tens of thousands of dollars in threecaded monte, but then gave that to faro.

Last trick

In 1877, william moved to county bert, pennsylvania. Here jones nastig tuberculosis. He was put in the charity hospital of the ryn, but the treatment did not give the result. William jones died on october 22 and was buried on the cemetery of charles evans.

Jones became the main character of two stories karl may

Afherist has no penny left. His funeral paid for the mayor of the rent. Later, chicago players threw off to cover all expenses. When the coffin was lowered into the pit, one of the friends set $ 500 to the fact that bill is not inside. Nobody supported the offer. Everyone believed that william jones was chosen from more complex situations. Nobody looked inside.

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