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January 13, 2022
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William Redd

In the us, slot machines bring 65-80% of casino income. Their popularity is due to low entry threshold. Visitor not necessarily get acquainted with the rules – it is enough to throw a coin and pull for the handle. If luck smiles a player, a winning combination will appear on the screen. This simple formula suggested charles fay, but the greatest influence on the slots was william redd. He introduced computer technologies to the old formula of slot machines.

Name william "si" redd
nickname king slot
date of birth november 16, 1911
place of birth union, mississippi, usa
date of death october 14, 2003
a place of death solana beach, california, united states


William was born in a poor family who lived on a rented land in a small village. In childhood, the young man loved to play pinball. Middle education redd received in college of eastern mississippi.

The future entrepreneur began to earn from 7 years. The first money he received for the sale of the grit newspaper and balverine salve balzam. The boy had to overcome a few miles to find buyers among farmers from the neighboring village.

At 13 years old william cleaned shoes and washing clothes. After 3 years, he took a loan in a bank for $ 16. The funds received sport on the installation of a bally’s goofy pinbola. Under the contract willim was supposed to give half profits.

Over the first week, the device brought $ 32. Less than a month of the redd repaid a loan.

Successful student

William entered the university of mississippi to the faculty of law. At this point, he has already managed a small network of automatic networks for pinbol.

Model bally’s goofy 1932

In the 1930s, the redd was engaged in installing music machines wurlitzer. At different points of illinois, about 1000 devices appeared – they brought $ 50 thousand businessman. In year. The new company was called northwestern music co.

On the success of the young entrepreneur drew attention to a major pinbola manufacturer. He was offered to become a distributor of bally manufacturing in boston – one of the most promising at that time markets.

Conquest vegas

In 1967, william moved to reno. Here, under his leadership, a new company has – bally distribution co. The entrepreneur left 70% of the shares.

Carson city and las vegas quickly flooded with pinbol and other devices. Then businessman saw a huge potential from gambling. At that time, the slots had very primitive functionality, and their reputation left much to be desired. Regulatory casino no sports began to call slots "one-hand bandits".

"In essence, automata – slices of iron with lemon in front. Just convenience for wives and girlfriends until men play in the bones, "so william redd described the gambling industry.

In 1972, a video game pong appeared. Thanks to two-dimensional graphics and simple control, the atari device has become commercially successful. New on the market has not been ignored by william redd. Entrepreneur enlisted support for one of the bally engineers. They intended to transfer atari’s developments to the gambling industry. The plans were the creation of devices for keno, blackjack and poker.

The company found a new direction too risky. Subsequently, the redd sold bally distribution co, but reserved the right to develop video calls.

International game technology

In 1975, william registered a new company – a-1 supply. After 3 years, she was renamed sircoma, and after 2 – at international game technology. During this period, the company became public, but the redd left a controlling stake in.

With the advent of international game technology on the market began to be in demand for small casinos focused on local residents. The first slots with the video film changed the attitude of people to the "one-handed gangsters". Now it seeemed to everyone that the could make decisions and play against the car and not just thoughtlessly pull the handle.

In las vegas, poker slots began to compare with cocaine addiction.

The popularity of automata has increased dramatically. Before the slots at best brought 40% of the casino income. This indicator was very quickly survived for 60%. The developers began to pay more attention to the slots, due to which the industry received several other hits:

  • Elvis
  • Terminator
  • Betty boop
  • Wheel of fortune

In 1984 igt acquired electronic data technologies. This made it possible to introduce computer technology into player tracking system. The data obtained was used to encourage regular visitors. Over time, such systems began to be called igt advantage and sbx.

The following triumph of william became the megabucks gaming machine. The device appeared in 1986 and became the first device with progressive jackpot. Initially, the machine provided the opportunity to win $ 1 million, but very quickly the main prize increased to $ 7 million.

The chances of receiving the profit may seem insignificant, but one player managed to trigger jackpot twice. In 1989, elmer shervin received $ 4.6 million in the mirage casino casino. In 2005, luck smiled him again, and megabucks brought another $ 21.1 million.

In 1986, william sold international game technology to italian manufacturer of gaming machines gtech. He stayed at the board of directors until 1991. The merger of the two company was completed only in 2015. Now new slots appear under the international game technology plc brand.

International game technology with headquarters in las vegas remains one of the largest slot machine providers

William redd had business with famous casino managers:

  • Howard hughes
  • Steve winn
  • Bill harra
  • Jay sarno

Oasis in the middle of the desert

In the 1960s, the only hotel with 28 rooms and 23 slot machines worked in mesquite. This place was considered as a pit stop for truck drivers, so it was called western village truck stop.

The situation has changed in 1976. After parting with bally distribution co william bought the hotel to turn her into a enviable resort. At first he called the establishment of peppermill resort, but subsequently renamed si redd’s oasis.

"I want to make a meskit big city. I hope the day will come when he becomes the same big as rino, "said william redd.

The new owner began reconstructing the resort. Until 1990, it was the only casino in meskit. Construction ended only in 1995. 1000 rooms added the hotel.

In 1996, william redd departed from casino management, because of which the resort began to experience problems. Directors often changed, and local authorities were not always happy advertising of gambling and alcohol on billboards from the road. In 2001, oasis sold for $ 31 million randy black.

"Pride of mississippi"

Having succeeded, william did not forget about his native state. In the late 1980s, the entrepreneur together with rick carter and terry green bought a 40-year-old cruise liner pride of mississippi. In 1991, the ship was renamed pride of galveston, and copa casino appeared on board.

To carry out gambling, the ship had to go out in international waters. On the one hand, it made it possible to attract visitors, but led to additional expenses. It was necessary not only to pay for the work of dealers, but also contain sailors.

According to rumors, copa casino turned out to be unprofitable, and william redd lost about $ 20 million.


Redd confessed that he never threw coins into his machines. He understood that gambling turned out to be a detrimental entertainment for many people. The income from slots sometimes caused the feeling of guilt from william. When his video poker machines compared with cocaine in one of las vegas newspapers, it was offended, but not at all on the media. The founder of the igt has become even more reading about the dependence on the rates and communicate with the experts.

In the 1970s, the redd began to make charitable contributions to the university of nevada in las vegas. Later he became an honorary member of palladium unlv gift club.

In 1996, william redond included in the glory hall of gambling.

Part of the funds entrepreneur regularly sent to non-commercial organizations to work with problem players. One of the largest contributions he took closer to the end of life – the account of problem gambling consultants replenished $ 150 thousand. Such donations became a kind of tradition and for igt.

"Si red is indeed one of the founding fathers of the gambling industry. It is difficult to imagine what our industry would be today without him. Si vision led to the birth of video power and progressive jackpots with a wide coverage – two games that helped to produce a revolution and enrich the gameplay, as well as the favorites of millions of casino players throughout the country, "- william boyd, executive chairman of the board of boyd gaming corporation, o william redonda (in the photo).

Igt founder, king slots and philanthropus died on october 14, 2003 in california. His funeral was held in las vegas.

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