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April 5, 2022
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In the main event, wpt legends of poker was attended by 520 players, the meeting place was the world-famous bicycle casino in los angeles. About the sensational victory of aaron van blarkum read in the material.

Winner of the Main Event WPT Legends Became Aaron Van Blarkum

Aaron van blarkum forever entered his name in the history of the tournament as a a poker series and managed to learn home not only victory, but also a prize in the amount of $ 474 390.

A large number of areas are not new for tournaments of this rank, especially welcome for poker players of the main event championship. Despite the fact players in the loud names of the titled players in the list of participants abound, the victory still got to the beginning of an inconspicuous lover of cash games aarona wang barkum.

Experts note that until the moment of participation in wpt main event, only $ 75 thousand was., won in cash games.

The prize fund of the tournament amounted to more than $ 2.4 million, and the poker celebrity of kitty kuo and brian altman was decorated almost every of the gambling tables. Behind the final table, the winner was one of five americans, the yankee team diluted greek antonios runezheris.

Despite the fact that participation in the winner began with a relatively small stack, he managed to blow up the leaderboard.

The final scramble took place between barkum and george ganthew. Experts and journalists even called this ending «cinderella».

Final table results:

  1. Aaron van barkum $ 474 390;
  2. George ganchev $ 306 625;
  3. Jared griner, $ 226 040;
  4. Vaan suges $ 168,630;
  5. Jisup hwang $ 127 165;
  6. Antonios rundezheris $ 96 955.

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