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February 1, 2022
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Wishmaker Casino Will Use Fast Track to Optimize Customer Service

Wishmaker will use the fast track data in real time and automation capabilities to improve the players. Wishmaker, launched in 2018, from thely first day focused on the use of technology to the object players excellent experience. The site offers rich gamecomms and loyalty scheme aimed at ensuring that the players are passionate about and passionate.

Recently acquired spiffbet, wishmaker will now join the child brands, such as cashmio and buster banks, to use the fast track players’ interaction platform for further enrichment of your offer.

"We are really intereted in harmonizing wishmaker with other brands and using fast track solutions to optimize wishmaker. We are pleased to announce that we are very pleased with the decision that fast track ofers us and look forward to the the opportunity to reveal the additional value of future acquisitions with fast track,

– says maria belius, head of the spifbet casino operations department.

Fast track and wishmaker shares the foundation of technological innovations, and the partnership will allow wishmaker to take advantage of the advanced technological stack fast track. This includes a new initiative to ensure the availability of machine learning for operators, the launch of which is scheduled for early 2021. In addition, spiffbet and fast track strengthen their existing relationships.

Source: fast track solutions official website

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