With Paypal Ludomans Spend Up To £ 150,000 Per Day

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January 28, 2022
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Paypal accused that the company allows the gameans to spend £150 000 per day using time interval to bypass a bank limit.

With Paypal Ludomans spend up to £ 150,000 per day

Members of parliament and gembling experts call on the company to be more responsible in order not to give people to marry in gigantic debts.

The ministry of culture, media and sports (dcms) reported that the uk gambling commission (ukgc) could include payment providers in their gambling analysis using credit cards.

«Two weeks ago, the patient led to our clinic. He is only 20 years old, and he has no savings. He played online all night, as long as the limit on credit card. However, even after that he somehow managed to shoot £2000 every few minutes. By morning, the sum of his loss was £150,000. I was shocked when i learned that this is legal use of paypal», – henrietta bouden-jones, psychiatrist and founder of the single clinic for ludonans nhs.

Paypal expressed emergency concern for this fact and reported tightening rules for payments.

Paypal allows people to transfer money to anyone using an email address, because paypal account is tied to a bank account or credit card. If the paypal balance is zero, the funds will be taken from the client’s bank.

«If you buy something with paypal, then the amount will not be removed from the bank within 48 hours. There is a temporary gap, about which herinette spokent in the case of his patient», – added matt sverban casin, the co-founder of gamban.

In december, barclays became the first central bank, which allowed clients to block payments to retairers of a certain type. Soon, lloyds, royal bank of scotland and santander, also supported this kind of initiative.

The commission of gambling starts consideration of the issue of gembling using credit cards, as a result of which regulatory measures may be taken.

Recall that at the end of last year, ukgc present a gambling report, which emphasized the importance of protecting children from gambling.

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