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September 1, 2022
16 minutes

Editorial board gamblingread.Com launches a series of publications about professions in gembling. Lare to hope that interview will allow players to better figure out how the gambling industry is arranged. After all, terrestrial workers and online casinos can tell a lot of interesting things about their inner kitchen. Their stories will make you a new look at the casino and gambling.

The hero of the first publication was the online casino service service specialist, which is quite symbolic. Employeees of technical support are the first to whom new customers and permanent players are addressed in case of issues of games, bonuses, account replenishment, receipt of winnings and t.D. The reputation of the site depends on their professionalism.

Evgeny n. Within 5 years, there was an employee of the technical support service for the famous online casino, and now developing and promoting affiliate programs in gambling. On frank interview, he agreed upon the condition not to mention his real name and the name of the casino in which he worked.

– how did you get into the gembling-industry and what pushed you to this choice?

– by chance. After graduating from the university in the specialty "information security" engaged in search. In many companies, young specialists pay a little, wages only enough for rental apartments, a little remains for. Theraefore, when i saw a vacancy for the position of a technical support specialist with salary 4 times higher thange: market average, it became very interested. Sent his resume and continued search. A week later, i was invited to an interview, which was reported to the forehead that it was online casino. For employment, there was enough knowledge of the basic english and understanding of html. All criteria, i approached, began to study and work.

– what are the main responsibilities of a technical support worker?

– answer questions of regular customers and help new customers understand the functionality of the site, bonus program and casino rules. Newcem often clarify how to make a deposit correctly, specify the promotion and t.D. Sappport on the phone or online chat -. Red.) is a person who can complain to a major loss. Sometimes – covered with a real russian mat (laughs – approx. Red.). I personally tried not to write template phrases loser players, but tried to calm down and offer a bonus.

We also tested all elements of the site – mapping games from providers, work of payment systems, accessibility of casino mirrors. After any site update, the entire functionality was checked, since the update may affect previously operating. In the case of an emergency situation, the information on duty sysadmin.

– what problems and questions are most often addresed customers?

– two most frequent questions: where is my payment and why the deposit. In the first case, the player simply did not wait until the payment was processed or did not see a letter about the request for verification documents. On payouts, we took up to 24 hours, but usally payments passed within 2-3 hours.

In the second case, the problem arose due to the creation of the second account by mistake. We have implemented fast registration with social network. Customer could enter vk, make a deposit and go drink tea. After some time, the system automatically splits him, the person comes through mail and does not see money. In the admin plan, we had an algorithm that defined multiccups by ip. Such players we blocked an empty account and left the bill with money.

– how did you build communication with the players? What rules and regulations exist on this account and how controls?

– in the client dialogs, it is strictly forbidden to be sad, use the mat, leave messages unanswered. Even if the line is loaded and the client left the site, we must answer his question.

All information about the client is collected in a player card accessible to technical support professionals. All changes in it are automatically recorded by the program: who made changes exactly. This refers to bonuses, personal data and t.D.

– does technical support specialist access to the player’s balance?

– sappports cannot change the balance, it is prohibited. This feature has been disabled. It could do through the ticket only the project manager and the higher guide.

– how to player how to build a dialogue with technical support to quickly get full answers to your questions?

– any dialogue to start with usual greetings and briefly formulate a question. Sappport is trying to answer as quickly as possible if the line is not loaded. If aggression is in the message, it contains mesh expressions, an employee can postpone communication, switch to parallel lines. So, of course, it is forbidden to make a support, but there were cases.

Technical support employee tools

– and how they coped with the negative?

– i have a steady psyche, the whole negative left in the workplace.

– and how did you relate? 

– i did not really resist. If it was bored, i started to study something new. If completely covered, after the shift went to the pub.

– in general, this is a difficult job?

– uncomplicated, especially after 3-4 months of practice. In the first months, i read a lot of examples of real colleagues with customers for understanding how it is better to build a conversation, taught scripts for fast answers, manuals for all admins. At first it was not easy to conduct dialogues simultaneously with three or more players – you need to quickly respond, keep a lot of information in my head. But over time, the whole process can be said, moved to autopilot. Not considering, of course, freelance.

– what situations remembered best?

– over time, all unusual situations are becoming usual, it is difficult to remember now. I can tell you about the big win in my shift and about a major loss.

In the night shift i write a player with a question: "what are the loan limits?". I check his account and see the balance of 8 million rubles! I won this amount per night in the garage slot from igrosoft at the maximum rates. The entire technical support service was humanly worried that the player did not merge all the money back in the casino, but turned out. So it happened: the client has previously passed verification and in parts, taking into account the limits, paid the whole amount.

And the largest loss in my memory was in the amount of 10 million rubles and, too, in just one night! The client lost the total deposits of 100 thousand.

– it is believed that casino employees can enter into collusion with players. What schemes for this are in online casino?

– to enter into collusion with the players casino does not make sense, because it is impossible to twist the slot machines, and it will not be able to enroll the missing, because the security service is following this.

There was a case of fraud from one provider. We were connected to his games directly and employees of the company, having access to statistics, knew when one or another slot should give a large amount, and regularly won. They did everything competently, took 10-15 thousand rubles. In our casino, discovered this scheme, and the software was disabled. I will not call the company and automatically.

– and who most often violates the casino and how?

– intentionally the rules usually nobody violates. Nobody reads them. Players are not serious about filling out the questionnaire, introduced fictional data, and after granting the scanning of documents, difficulties with verification arise. In such players, we requested a complete package of documents: a passport, bank card and selfie with them in your hands, account for paying utilities with the address. If all the documents were per person, changes were made to the questionnaire and did not blocked the account.

– now more conversations are being done about the replacement of specialists of the support service of any company on bots and artificial intelligence. How applicable to the gembling industry?

– botami and ai uniquely can be replaced with the answers to template questions, but online support with live people will still remain. For example, in a casino where i worked, there was a caches, which was credited automatically at 00:05. Once at tenpm, i write a client and asks to enroll this bonus. For a day, he lost about 10,000 rubles, and before the accrual of his thousands of even more than two hours. In such a situation, the sapport can enter the position and activate the funds a little earlier, if it is a permanent casino client. And the bot is unlikely to understand the player, mapping all the data and take the right decision.

Chat bots

– describe a couple of situations to understand the internal kitchen. 

– for example, the player asks the bonus. I look at his casino profit for the month and in the last day, and if the client brought from 10,000 rubles, i can enlist him cachek. If the player won on the contrary, led funds and at the same time requests encouragement, he can offer a deposit bonus.

Or the player reports that he did not count the winning combination on the machine, which in principle cannot be. We convey information to the developer, take the history of the game and on the example of the story we explain the client why he is not right. Inside the company, this is all accompanied by quantities with high importance and subsequent control.

– that is, in the automata, the employee of technical support should also understand?

– we were obliged to know top games in the casino, their official name and conversational, represent the content of bonus rounds. Usually, if the player is looking for a slot, he already saw him somewhere or heard something about him, so a person describes a bonus game or the main character, and we suggest. Over time, all the folk name learned: "books", "rope", "strawberry", "pyramids" and t.D.

– how many averages you have been processed a day?

– 80-100 appeals for twelve-hour shift.

– and what graphics worked and how many people were in the team?

– for round-the-clock support there were day and night shifts – from 8:00 to 20:00 and from 20:00 to 8:00, two weekends per week. It worked 5 people – 4 junior supports shifts and chief customer support specialist 5 days a week from 8:00 to 20:00.

– how much will the employee earn at such a schedule?

– about 500 dollars. This is not given the bonuses and premiums.

– how was your working day?

– calling for a shift, made important information from the colleague, found out what happened during the night, there were some technical problems or not. Then the coffee brewed and sat on the line.

– what programs were used in work?

– from the software available on the internet, only the jira bug tracker from atlassian, the online livechat service and the teamviewer remote control program. Everything else is admins companies.

Teamviewer – customer service program

– high frame frames in this profession? 

– we have practically no teaching, this is not an ordinary call center – when dismissing an employee can consult important information. The company adhered to politics that it is better to teach your employee than to take a new one from the street.

– but you came across the vacancy accidentally. That you can advise people who want to get into technical support online casino?

– yes, i saw a vacancy on the usual bulletin board on the internet. With a big desire, you can find companies that engage in gembling, and send a resume. You can also register with linkedin, there may be a specialist.

– dangerous situations happened in your professional activity?

– no, only employees on online missions could go to the office, plus the company worked a cool security service.

– and there were cases of personal acquaintance and informal communication with casino clients?

– also no. Outside the office, employees are forbidden to speak where they work and by whom. For all familiar, i worked in the online store.

– natives also did not know?

– loved ones knew and treated absolutely calm.

– what career growth is possible at the technical support officer?

– depends on the desire of the employee and its health, as in any other company. For example, the director of our office began to work as a specialist of technical support. You can grow to the head of technical support or go to the marketing department, if a specialist has active sales.

– what is meant by sales?

– each support has personal promotions to deposit bonuses, and he has the right to offer them to players, if it is appropriate in the dialogue. At the end of the month, we were charged premiums depending on the amount of deposits of players on personal promo. Followed by the head of the department.

– what is part of the duties of the chief of technical support? 

– our head regularly checked dialogues with customers for coherent communication by employees, errors in clarifying situations, direct sales in chat. Typically, the head of the department does not sit on the line – only in emergency situations where customers tear chat. For example, if the payment system gateway fell off or one of the mirrors under the ddos attack.

– in your opinion, is the domestic gembling industry close to western standards? Is it different in foreign casinos and in our? 

– if you talk about casinos at least with a license of curaçao, then it does not differ anything: in all casinos a set of game software, payment systems and bonuses. More serious licenses simply expand the opportunities to enter markets in other countries. Scripted casino i do not take into account how they are already bend. It seems to me, in three years will remain two or three "volcanoes" and all. Players learned to distinguish a fake software from the original. But if i were hembler, i would only play a casino with a maltese license – this regulator actually reacts to players complaints.

– players from different countries probably also differ in mentality. Come across it in work? 

– yes, they differ. In european countries, players are more chased by jacpotes, in russia and the cis – are looking for earnings. Plus, customers from europe above income and, accordingly, a long distance player brings more casino money. On the other hand, in my experience, most of all the freebisers and bonuses came to us from poland.

– and you yourself could play a casino for real money?

– in our company it was forbidden. In test accounts, we could replenish the balance and test one or another slot.

– but playing gambling?

– no, i’m not a gambling person. Although 1-2 times a year i can play live blackjack.

– that is, before work in the casino has never come across gambling?

– once, years in eighteen. Randomly with a classmate went to the game club and "threw" by the course of 10 cents, and won 3 dollars! More beore the device to work in the casino – never. Now, if i am in a country whereed, i will definitely visit.

Gambling online casino

– what is your general attitude towards gambling, given the five years of experience in online casino?

– positive. It seems to me that all countries shold legalize online gambling, provided that the verification of accounts and payments will be monitored by the state. There are many rich people in the casino, let them fill the budgets of their countries. And of course need state control over game dependence.

– what advise people who are enthusiastic gambling?

– here at once a few tips. After registration to be verified, play only in official slots and remember that the presence of a license does not mean the use of original software. Focus better on a casino with a license malta.

Passioned gembrellas would advise to adhere to the rule – not to lose more than thin month. After a major win, it is better to stop and bring the full amount. If we are talking about hairrollers, you should find out the limits to the conclusion. Before activating bonuses – carefully read the conditions on the weige and rates. And can also advise using slottracker’s software, which collects all information on slots and game sessions: rtp, startup history, general statistics, etc.D.

Collection of issues completed. Thank you for your participation! You can read the answers in an interview here.

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