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January 10, 2022
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Black ridge acquisition has signed an agreement on the acquisition of world poker tour (wpt) and allied esports international holdings and combined these two enterprises to a new organization.


The new company will work entitled allied esports entertainment (aese) and will focus on providing personal experience, multiplatform content and interactive services for poker and video games, servicing the audience assessed in 2.2 billion people.

The buyer is a special purpose acquisition company sponsored by black ridge oil & gas, with headquarters in minnesota. Her head of lyle berman will be the chairman of aese, and the exective director of ourgame frank n. Will be the general director of the new organization.

«Applying a proven wpt business model to a larger and fast-growing global consignmentary industry, we create a platform that will be long-term and able to use the possibilities of moneytization of cybersport», – commented on frank n.

The amount of the transaction will be up to $ 213.8 million (£168.9 million / €186.7 million). It will be completed in the first quarter of 2019, when a new business will be included in the nasdaq capital market exchange exchange.

«For more than 40 years in gambling and entertainment business, this is the most exciting opportunity i have seen, – noted berman. – capital from black ridge spac will be used to expand the global aese property network, speeding up their advantage of the pioneer, as the company continues to create a brand that is synonymous with cybersport».

Recall: this year the world poker tournaments of the world poker tour series took place. In september, the contest was held in vietnam, and in november – in india.

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