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April 11, 2022
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Exactly ten years ago, the main series of poker europe was held in the empire casino london casino, entered the poker. We suggest to remember the annoying moment of the glory of one of the most famous professional players in poker daniel negrean.

WSOP EUROPE: Daniel Negrean and Failure

The final table of the main event of the tournament was just shot by the abundance of famous players. The game was attended by the future champion barry schulman, two representatives of the team of the hit squad praz bansi and james aqued, swedish poker star chris biorine, as well as jason mercier and antoine south.

According to experts, the final nine was so starry that objectively determine which of the players is weaker than the others, simply did not seem to be possible.

The final rating looked like:

One. Barry schulman (usa), $ 1 321 534;

2. Daniel negreanu (canada), $ 817 035;

3. Praz bansi (england), $ 594 963;

4. Jason mercier (usa), $ 440,620;

Five. Marcus ristol (finland), $ 330 328;

6. Chris biorine (sweden), $ 247 732;

7. Antoine south (france), $ 188 318;

8. Matthew gavrilenko (usa), $ 143,551;

Nine. James akstenhead (united kingdom), $ 109 687.

The final fight between daniel negrian and barry schulman was remembered by numerous spectators unshakable tranquility of an american and fatal bad luck for canadian. Negroan lost the champion bracelet and was forced to expect a well-deserved trophy until 2013. All the fault was one single card.

Honored success came to canadz after the victory in the nlhe tournament with a bai-in €25 thouusand. In order to get a champion bracelet, pokherist defeated philippe geassem, david peters, timothy adams, scott seiver, jason kuna and eric sidella.

Recall that last year daniel negrean spent about $ 2 million in tournaments in tournaments.

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