Yggdrasil And Reelplay Are Combined To Create Golden Haul Infinity Reels

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June 22, 2022
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Yggdrasil, leading world publisher online gambling, hit gold in their latest infinity reels, in partnership with reelplay.

In the game golden haul infinity reels & # x2122; bad dingo players watch the friendly miner deep underground in search of a sparkling venge of wealth while he lays his way to unimaginable wealth. Unique for bad dingo, landing the new infinity wild symbol expands it into several drums. Simultaneous pressing of several infinity wild characters provides incredible visualization, since the trolley with a dynamic that controls the miner, stretches on the drums, blowing up after it.

There are several wild symbols on drums, and the winnings of any scatter symbol launches free spins. As in all games infinity reels & # x2122;, a new drum is added for each winning rotation, the volume of which increases if more winnings falls out, without the upper limit of the number of drums added. The symbol multiplier increases with each new added drum, which increases the gain potential.

Golden haul infinity reels & # x2122; – this is the last launch of reelplay partner studios program, as the continue to create innovative and exciting content as part of this initiative.

The game is based on gati, modern yggdrasil technology, which allows partners to use pre-configured, ready for regulation, a standardized set of development tools for creating constantly advanced content, followed by quick distribution.

Stewart mccarthy, head of products and programs in yggdrasil, said:

"We are very progress program and this is obvious due to the development of the growing portfolio of their own and partner studio games reelplay.
Golden haul infinity reels & # x2122; – another exciting addition to our suggestion yg masters, and we look forward to seeing how it will be perceed. ".

David johnson, ceo reelplay, said:

"The last adventure of bad dingo combines the infinity reels & # x2122 proven mechanics; with a convincing mathematical model, funny theme and simplicity of the game totract a wide audience. Golden haul infinity reels & # x2122; demonstrates the innovative potential of bad dingo, and we look forward to future releases from yg masters.

Source: official site yggdrasil

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