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June 13, 2022
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Yggdrasil, leading world online games publisher, released the last creation of gigablox, 3021 bounty hunter, in partnership with reflex gaming.

Volatility from the middle to high is esstablished in the future, namely in 3021, when society leaves underground to avoid the toxic atmosphere of land created by the years of the nuclear war. Players join the hunter for the heads of sk-1000 to track criminals in exchange for big victories.

To date, this game has already impressed critics: vegasslotsonline put it in first place in the ranking "best new online slot of the week". Fans of science fiction and slot machines will enjoy the interaction of sk-1000 will enjoy the interaction of sk-1000 wile a basic game, increasing the exciting effect using high-quality animation and sounds. It turns on when the sk-1000 character comes into effect to change the symbols for wild symbols by shooting from its pistol on the drums.

With 40 payments lines, free bounty hunter rotations are easily available, which are started when five or more symbols of free rotations app. Players can win up to 25 times more than their bid, if bonus characters will be in sight during rates bounty hunter.

Using the mechanics of gigablox & # x2122; you can get huge winnings on each rotation, and the gigantic symbol is guaranteed at each rate.

3021 the bounty hunter & # x2122; – this is the latest yggdrasil game, which uses innovative and extreme successful gigablox & # x2122;, incoming to its game engagement mechanic (gem) solutions. This also includes golden gator & # x2122; , gigarise & # x2122;, splitz & # x2122; and multimax & # x2122;. Gem offer available to all yg masters partners that can use mechanics when developing their own game.

Stewart mccarthy, head of products and programs yggdrasil, said:

"3021 & # x2122; gives an exciting adventure in which the catch criminals using the sk-1000 heads hunter, as the sk-1000 heads hunter, as the potential of winning prizes for heads. With the tempting graphics in combination with an exciting action, we will not be crazy to see how our fans will respond to its launch.

Mat ingram, chief executive officer reflex gaming, said:

"Immerse yourself in the post-cliptic world in search of huge victories along with our terrible head hunter. The combination of gigablox with our breathtaking mathematic models and graphics ensures that players will be able to enjoy the game reflex gaming, like no other!"

Source: official site yggdrasil

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