Yokohama Joined The Rfc Process Following The Example Of Osaka And Nagasaki

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April 13, 2022
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Japanese city of yokohama, following the example of osaka and nagasaki, announced the start of rfc – the application of the application for the construction of a casino resort. Deadline for presenting the concept of an integrated resort – december 23 of the current year.

Yokohama Joined The RFC Process Following The Example Of Osaka and Nagasaki

The announcement was published on the official website of local authorities. In appeal, it is said that interested parties will need to provide a common business plan, a description of the types of gambling facilities that will become part of the integrated resort, as well as designate the implementation plan to counter gambling addiction.

Yokohama – third japanese megapolis, which joined the rfc process. Osakov authorities declared the first to start the process, and last month, after this, an official statement appeared on the website of nagasaki.

Yokohama authorities at the end of the rfc process plan to publish a policy of implementing integrated resorts, and then proceed to the proposal consideration phase (rfp).

It is already known that at the gambling market, the liberalization of the gambling market, the maximum number of integrated resorts located in japan will not exced three.

Local Authorities Must Choose and Enter Into Partnership with Private Sector Representatives

Before submitting an application for consideration by the national government, local authorities shold choose and conclude partnership with private sector representatives.

It is significant that some major gambling operators initially showed interet in osaka, changed the spell of attention and now look after other japanese regions.

At the end of last year, the american company las vegas sands corp, through the subsidiary of sands china ltd, the casino control in macau and singapore, stated shere was interested in entering the japanese market. Representatives of the operator say that tokyo and yokohama are the most desired locations for them.

Representatives of the asian giant melco resorts and entertainment ltd said that when a license to work in japan will adhere to the yokahama first policy.

Wynn resorts ltd reported that she did not intend to cooperate with the osaka authorities.

Recall that the japanese government highlights high demands in relation to non-game facilities of complex resorts.

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