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March 7, 2022
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The captain of the russian national team, artem dzyuba, turned to his opponents, but before that did not leave the chance of a goalkeeper of the women’s national team.

When women’s football reaches the level to make interpole matches and competitions? Apparently, it is still quite no soon. At the very least, this conclusion can be made after a recent penaltie-challenge, in which artem dzubi and elvira todau took part.

Elvira – cska goalkeeper and women’s russian national team – caused to this friendly battle captain male team. Tokaou is considered experts one of the best goalkeepers of europe with good technique and plasticity. To score a penalty for her is also not new, in the euro-2005 finals between the u-19 teams, she scored a decisive blow of the series.

Now in france, the world women’s world championship is held. Read about the favorites of the tournament in our separate material.

For artem, it is also not the first to stand at the gate. Attenive player fans remember his duel against goalkeeper «zenita» – luneva, who, by the way, ended the victory of striker, or the legendary video on the russian national team «dziuba against all», in which the striker argued his skill on the gate ribbon.

This time, the ride also appeared on the team russia channel. Began challenge pretty exactly. Elvira got into the bar, but after each of her bow ended with his goal, however, like hit artem. In the second attempt, jibinho did not leave any chance of todaus (twice scoring a panean), and he also dragged the good blows of elvira sevel times. After the first series, he turned to his future rivals:

«Know, everyone who will call me: you have no chance, do not do this. If you think you know how to beat or stand in the gate, – this is erroneous».

The us football football team put a historical achievement – scored 13 unanswered heads. Detailed view of the match – in our article.

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