Youth Olympic Games 2020: The Main Results Of Figure Skating (Girls)

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May 2, 2022
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In the past couple of years, the victory of russian single-person figure skaters in tournaments in which they take part, became an axiom. But as the youth olympic games 2020 showed, not only the national affiliation – responsible for progress. Read more in material.

Youth Olympic Games 2020: The main results of figure skating (girls)

Korean with triple axel turned out to be stronger than the rest

The victories of russian women, more precisely, their global dominance in figure skating, seriously pleased the fan community of this sport. Now victories are perceived as something ordinary and granted. At the same time, the defeat was akin to a real catastrophe, and at all levels – from juniors to adults.

Cause – wards eter tutberidze, who taught victories. In particular, this applies to the current three stars of the coach in the face of the subsidement, shcherbakova and kostovna. Last season, they took all possible awards in juniors and now do the same among adults.

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But on the youth olympic games among the girls singles was not a single representative of eteri headquarters. Instead, there were two other, definitely, talented athletes – ksenia sinitsyn and anna frolova. But they failed to win.

Ksenia Sinitsyn and Anna Frolova

And in a short one, and in an arbitrary program, there was a athlete from south korea y yong. The struggle turned out to be bright and worthy. After kp, russian women had good chances of winning, the lag was only a few points. But in an arbitrary both figure skater, mistakes allowed, unlike the rival, whose rental was almost perfect.

It is worth noting that yu yong – pretty serious rival. Despite the lack of victories in large international forums, before that she won four times at the south korea championship. At the same time, the first triumph occurred when she was only 11 years old.

And sinitsyn and frolova – wonderful figure skater showing mature and beautiful skating, but unlike the wards tutberidze, they do not possess a super-arrangement in the form of a large arsenal of expensive jumps. As a result – the south korean with a triple axel and clean rental was able to beat their minimum on 14 points.

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Earlier we told that elizabeth tourssynbayev with a high probability will no longer be released on the ice in the 2019/2020 season.

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