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January 14, 2022
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Youtube is elected to remove video containing dubious content and advertising of gambling.

YouTube: Double Standards Policy

Recently, on the channels of popular youtube-bloggers, jake paul and brian lee appeared video with calls for participation in a dubious gambling, the rules of which suggest a purchase «magic boxes», in which there may be valuable and not very prizes. The journalists found out that the users of the mysterybrends website, which was advertised, often do not receive won values.

After that, another youtube blogger morgan hudson also published a video advertising game site.

Hudson’s video was immediately deleted as a breaking platform policy, however, brian le and jake paul’s video, despite the indignation of the public, remain in free access.

«According to the rules, youtube developers are responsible for ensuring the compliance of their content to local laws, norms and rules of the youtube community. If it is found that the content violates these rules, we are making measures to ensure the integrity of our platform that do not exclude the possibility of removing content», – stated in the company.

Recall that youtube channel bs bricks will launch a realistic show dedicated to cryptocompany.

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