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April 12, 2022
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Opera Acquired Yoyo Games

Opera, global web novator and the creator of opera gx acquired yoyo games.

Opera gx is a browser created for gamers. Thanks to functions tat include countable settings, sound effects, background music, game design, as well as cpu limiters, ram and network bandwidth, gx is less demanding to resources and leaves more computer resources for games. Indition to games, opera browsers, news products and technical solutions confidence more than 380 million people around the world.

This union marks the beginning of a new fascinating trip. Yoyo games will continue to be based in dundee, scotland, and the director general of stuart poole and the technical manager russell kay will remain in business.

Opera has big plans for yoyo games and gamemaker. Together with opera gx gamemaker, will become the cornerstone of opera gaming – a new unit aimed at expanding the coverage and capabilities of opera in the game space.

"We are very happy to start working with the team yoyo games. We consider this platform as an ideal acquisition to add our global ambitions in the field of games, along with our opera gx game browser. We look forward to the further development of opera gx and stimulating gamemaker’s growth, making it more affordable for novice users and turning it into the world’s leading engine for 2d games used by commercial studios. We are also very happy to find in the future synergy between yoyo games and opera gx products »,

– said christian coldra, executive vice president of opera on browsers.

Stewart pool, ceo yoyo games, added:

"We were clear from the first conversation that the whole team opera is incredibly passionate about the games. Since we joined that, positive and creative energy that we observe were stunning. We have always had big plans for the improvement of gamemaker on all platforms, both in terms of improving availability and in terms of further development of functions available for commercial studios; and now we can not wait for their arrival much earlier. ".

Source: official website yoyo games

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