Yudzuru Hani In The Final Of The Grand Prix: Four Axel And Defeat

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April 25, 2022
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Yudzuru khani could not overcome neytan chen in the final of the isu grand prix, but the defeat helped him make several important conclusions. They shared in an interview after the tournament. Read more in material.

Yudzuru Hani in the final of the Grand Prix: Four Axel and defeat
Content: 1. Without competition, khan felt alone2. Yudzuru khan wants to leave heritage

Without competition, khan felt lonely

In the final of the grand prix in turin among men, nanan chen was the best. For an american, this victory has become the third in a row in the prestigious isu tournament. Moreover, raphael harutyunyan’s ward put two world records at once: in an arbitrary program and the amount of scored points. Ultimately, chen walked around another favorite of the tournament, yudzuru khani, for fantastic 43.87 points.

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This is a painful defeat for the fans of the japanese. But not the time to be sad, because even yudzuru himself understands the positive parties to the competition with the american. In his interview at a press conference after the final, the athlete admitted that he really lacked such a strong opponent as chen, before. According to him, during his full domination, he felt very lonely, he lost motivation.

It the motivation to defeat the chen and became the quad axel, and also filled his arbitrary program with five fourth jumps. And although such a decision influenced the final performance of the figure (hani is very tired and at the end of the arbitrary could not jump a triple acel), he realized what it was doing for.

Yudzuru khan wants to leave heritage

In an interview with the japanese publication, sponichi yudzuru admitted that he decided to experiment because of desire «leave heritage». He understood that the lag after the short program in 13 points would be difficult. Hani did not want to just put a tick in the section «i was in the final», and i wanted to do something more. Besides, he was just a birthday.

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Yudzuru Khan Wants To Leave Heritage

According to the decognition of the coach was present, he would hardly have decided on such liberty. But his mentor lost his passport and was forced to return to canada to restore it, so the japanese remained alone. Yudzuru was in despair and, as he himself said, could not let «of his inner boy», although the chances of success and were meager.

But the main thing is that yudzuru was able to take out this lesson. According to the figure, he understood, in which direction now he needs to move and how to change its programs to become competitive. Honey also noted that purely fulfilled four lutz and rittberger give him extra confidence in his abilities.

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