Yudzuru Hanu About The Panty: Special, Fantastic And Incredible

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April 15, 2022
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In 2019, another star appeared on the world arena of women’s figure skatya: alexander troopsova. Russian woman has already managed to beat sevel world records, win the first adult grand prix and even conquer the sympathy of the genius japanese yudzuru khani.

Yudzuru Hanu About the Panty: Special, Fantastic and Incredible

Skate canada 2019: speech by yudzuru khan caused less noise than a cowardist program

On the canadian grand prix, there was a historical victory for 15-year-old russian women – the first in an adult career, plus two world record. Indition, sasha also posted a video in «instagram», where she and japanese figure khana performs a sophisticated jump – four tulup.

On the victory of sasha and the reaction of its coach on it we we wrote in a special article.

The post gathered thousands of comments and became one of the most discussed. It sems that the legendary japanese and the ascending star of female figure skating found a common language.

Yudzuru spoke to alexandra, calling it a special figure skater, an incredible and fantastic girl. In addition, the japanese mentioned than russia is full of talented figure skaters, after which he led to the example of shacherbakov, kanyhev and valiev, but allocated under the coward.

According to han, these athletes know how to jump quadruple in a certain style, to which he comes from: without using a large amount of energy. Also, the skater noted that these girls can be learned a lot even personally.

Yudzuru, who recently recognized the most popular figure skater of the planet, which we wrote about in a separate material, not for the first time delighted with russians. The japanese talked closely with evgenia medvedeva, who is also engaged in the leadership of his coach brian orser, as well as with alina zagito, with which he spoke a lot to various ice shows in the offseason.

Previously, we wrote about russian ex-juniors, which surpassed zagitov on technical indicators.

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