Yudzuru Hanu: The Figure Skater Lost Faith In Herself, But Will Return Stronger

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April 22, 2022
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If in men’s figure skating and there is a superstar, then this is definitely yudzuru khan. Having recovered from the next injury, the japanese wins the tournament tournament, but he remained unhappy with his performance at the grand prix of japan and asked for support for fans.

Yudzuru Hanu: The Figure Skater Lost Faith in Herself, But Will Return Stronger

Hanu is looking for motivation for new victories

In one of its materials, we wrote about the study, which was held by the user of the famous reddit forum. He explored internet queries in the well-known wikipedia electronic encyclopedia and concluded that the request «yudzuru khani» the highest frequency. And indeed, if there is now superstar in men’s figure skating, then this title is unconditionally owned by the japanese.

The two-time winner of the olympic games has everything you need to be such: stunning victories, tragic history with an earthquake, heroic return after injury and most importantly – talent. At the time when female figure skating goes with seven-mile steps in the development of jumps, in the men’s in recent years there is a certain stagnation. And according to experts, the only one who can fix it – yudzuru khani, or rather, the implementation of the jump in five revolutions or axel at 4.5.

Feels defined stagnation and yuzuru himself. In his comment, after a victorious rental for himself on the grand prix of japan, he admitted that after the second «gold» at the olympic games in south korea, he lost motivation. As we remember, then there was still injury, long restoration and «silver» at the world championships in the site.

It is this defeat by naitan chenu, according to hani, and became his new motivation. He wants again «win». By the way, yudzura remained unhappy with himself, despite «gold», since i thought that the audience remained unhappy with his performance (some time after graduation was silence). As it turned out later, the reason was in the perplexity of fans heard by estimates. Therefore, judzurus promised to work even more and asked fans about support.

And fans heard. A variety of fan clubs were launched by several hashtegs in social networks, designed to convey to the favorite skateman of the word support: #loveyuzurofromallovertheworld # 羽生 結弦 選手 に 届け メッセージ # 羽.

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