Yudzuru Khani And Russian Coach: Who Could Take The Champion Of Japanese

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April 22, 2022
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Yudzuru khany again turned out to be in the spotlight, but this time the reason is not in the success of the figure, but in his statement about his future. Two-time olympic champion admitted to tie his career with a russian coach.

Yudzuru Khani and Russian coach: who could take the champion of Japanese
Content: 1. Khanu spoke about russia2. Tutberidze or mishin: under whose leadership could be hani

Khanu spoke about russia

Taking into account the number of rewards and victories in the tournaments yudzuru khani might be with a calm soul to go to a well-deserved rest and participate exclusively in ice show. But then the japanese would not be himself. Permanent wish to win everyone and first of all myself – this is the kredo famous champion. In a similar key, he spoke in a recent interview after the next winner won.

Hani remained dissatisfied with his rental and asked support for fans in the future, we wrote more about this in a separate material.

However, the crazy did not limit. According to japantimes japanese edition, at a press conference after the grand prix in sapporo, yuzuru has long communicated with journalists. Was habitually polite and tried to answer all questions. But one of the answers was rather unexpected. He concerned the issue of the russian journalist eleanor sumilova, who asked why hani never worked with a coach from russia, although he often praised the country, calling birthday figure skating.

The japanese champion replied that he did not know what was the reason, he remembered that one of his first coaches, tsuzuki, studied in russia, and one of the programs was even called «from russia with love», yes, and in general, khan like russian riding. He finished his complimentary-nostalgic speech yudzuru phrase, which got into all headlines of sports publications:

«Once, i think i would like to learn from the russian coach».

Tutberidze or mishin: under whose leadership could be hani

Tutberidze or Mishin: Under whose leadership could be Hani

But who of the specialists could take on the role of the coach of the world famous champion? Definitely this season, yudzuru will not change his mentor, brian orser. This means that khany, who has been for 25 years, will come to a specialist from russia for more serious age. Perhaps on the eve of the winter olympics in beijing 2022, when he is already under 30.

Two people come to mind – alexey mishin and eteri tutberidze. First – dear and experienced coach, from under the wings of which there were a lot of successful figure skaters: yevgeny plushenko, alexey yagudin, alexey urmanov, and others. Second – the modern coach-star, which has not yet been very familiar with men, and for greater extent its technique is sharpened to work from young age and gradual development in adult skating.

Who will choose hani and who from the coaches will show a response desire – say hard. Syoma uno this summer tried to practice tutberidze under the guidance and could not withstand loads. At the same time, mishin is already quite an age coach, and by the time of the olympics will be 80 years old, because it is unknown, whether he has time, desire and strength to work with a talented, but susceptible to yudzuri injury. It remains only to watch career carefully and hope to see the japanese at the peak of my forces in russia.

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