Yuri Titkov: Winning The Operator Who Is Responsible For The Player

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July 29, 2022
2 minutes

Team logincasino.Com.Ua replenishes a collection of an interview with the igor market experts. Ceo mr.Fish yuri told about the second part of the interview told about the newest marketing trends in the gambling industry and gemina, about the growing popularity of cybersport and the construction of the company’s internal culture.

Yuri Titkov: Winning The Operator Who IS Responsible for the Player

In the second part of the video interview, yuri titkov highlighted such questions in detail:

  1. Why speed – home trend in gembling in terms of marketing.
  2. Why classic sport dies and what is synthetic sport.
  3. How gembling turns into e-commerce.
  4. Why operators important to teach the audience how to consume their product and how can it be saved from ludomania.
  5. Why it happened that in the uk gambling – this is a fan and lifestyle, and in ukraine –loans and addiction.
  6. Valuable insaydes on marketing promotion in gearble: integration with strimips, mems and bloggers.
  7. Why confidence – this is what the audience wants most.
  8. Joint bets – this is the future of gembling?
  9. As in practice, the company kills the absence of inner culture.
  10. Three «about» in the ideology of the company, which underlie an environmentally friendly, friendly and efficient team.

Yuri titkov explained: «player wants a quick game. And betting and gambling strongly slow. It is for this reason that classic sports die away, and 24/7 cybersport tournaments are gaining more and more popularity. Sports should wait for a person, not a man sports. A person is already uninteresting and inconvenient to wait for offline events, he wants to take a smartphone at any time and play a cybersport tournament or make a bet».

Also discussed marketing trends in gembling, cooperation with streamers, leaders of opinions, the introduction of memes into advertising creatives. And also dismantled how to build a culture of the company and what should be the effective ceo of the company.

For a second part of the video interview with yuri titkov, see the link:

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