Zagitova And Medvedev Performed On Stars On Ice 2019 (Video)

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February 9, 2022
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From march 29 to march 31, the world-known ice show stars on ice 2019 took place in osaka, in which russian figure skaters of alina zagitova and evgenia medvedev took part. Zhenya pleased the public with an incredibly gentle performance, but alina distinguished himself by drive. More details – in our material.

Zagitova and Medvedev Performed On Stars On Ice 2019 (Video)

The touring ice show annually collects the most talented and titled figure skaters of the planet so that the fans can appreciate the skill of athletes in a non-competitive environment.

Speeches of girls – completely different, and at the sam time themselves not only by a high level of training, but also artistry. Despite the fact that fans of the figure skaters, waking up the rehearsal material, mixed up the fatigue of both russians, did not affect the quality of the speeches.

Evgenia medvedeva pleased the japanese public an insanely delicate performance, under the musical composition beautiful mess christian kostov. The number turned out to be spectacular but easy. Butt, of course, it is better to see once to see thans times. Enjoy watching.

About how russian figure skaters are held at the end of the world cup, read in our material.

Meanwhile, alina zagitova presented a dynamic and bright number. Music composition chosen by figure skate – survivor (eng. «Survivor») – wonderfully expressed the charaction character of alina.

But this is not all, alina managed not only to perform perfectly on the ice show, but also to participate in a photo machine for the japanese fashion. More photos in images from famous world dolce brands&gabbana, mcqueen, givenchy and dior at the end of the month.

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The other day i had a photo ???? For one fashion magazine in japan. Transulate dior, dolce&gabbana, givenchy and mcqueen ???????????????????? Thanks @shiseido for the opportunity provided and, of course, makeup was great ???????? We are waiting for more photos at the end of april ???? That was a cool experience to have shooting with a japanese fashion magazine thanks to @shiseido . We made 4 looks of dior, dolce&gabbana, givenchy and mcqueen ???????????????????? With shiseido makeup????And hair style. Looking forward to the new pictures at the end of april ???? @shiseido さん の おかげ で で 日本 の ファッション 誌 の の を を さ せ いただく ことができ まし た た ましdior, dolce&gabbana, givenchy, mcqueen ????????????????????そして, 資生堂 メイク アップ チーム????とともに 4 ルック を 撮影 でき まし た. 4 月 下旬 の 素晴らしい しい しい 写真 を ます ます ます ます ます ます ます???? # fashion # beauty # japan #dior #dolcegabbana #givenchy #mcqueen #shiseidoginzatokyo # 資生堂 # 资生堂 #beauty # 美し さ

Publication from alina zagitova (@azagitova) 31 mar 2019 at 9:07 pdt

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Recall that alexei yagudin commented on the reason for the lack of grant in the russian national team on the world command championship.

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