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March 30, 2022
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Olympic champion in figure skating alina zagitova pleased her fans with stylish photoset from the brand.

Zagitova pleased fans with stylish photoset

It is no secret that big brands have long played a serious role in sports. Sponsorship contracts allow athletes to earn some significantly big money than contracts with clubs or prizes for victory in various tournaments. The most impressive fees are definitely staying in football, basketball, hockey, boxing and tennis. Representatives of the last sport just presented the ricest athletes according to forbes over the past year.

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Figure skating in this plan lags very seriously. But that first is good for athletes – increasingly, sponsors begin to pay attention to this sport. For example, the japanese figure skater rick kihira cooperates with the japanese department of red bull, and alina zagitova is ambassador puma. Contracts of these figure skaters with large companies mean only one – figure skating is becoming increasingly popular, this conclusion shold be enjoyable for all lovers of this sport.

In addition, participation in the brand advertising companies allows fans to receive a new unique content with the participation of their favorite athletes (for football, for examples, it has long become commonplace, remember the bright advertising of pepsi since the 90s). Just a week ago, puma released a video with the participation of the grant. Beautiful production, who captured in the artistic light of training figure skaters, scored more than 250 thousand views and a positive response from the audience.

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The most important thing — stoyed ⛸ alina zagitova training in lqd cell shatter.

Puma pubjection from puma russia (@pumarussia) 7 aug 2019 at 1:57 pdt

Today, a part of the advertising photo session appeared on the athlete’s page, aimed at a advertising a new collection of sports brand. The photo is decorated in retro-style and look like illustrations to mod 60s magazine. Fans instantly appreciated this post, which in just a few hours already received more than 33 thousand likes.

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Summer slowly ends, and ahead of the new season ⛸, new workouts ????, new challenges ????‍♀️, new emotions … And puma has a new collection ???????????? And the new instagram account @pumarussia ✔ i look forward to the new season ⛸, new trainings ????, new challenges ????‍♀️, new emotions… And puma welcomes new collection ???????????? And new instagram-account @pumarussia ✔ 夏 が 終わり 新 新 シーズン が の が トレーニング トレーニング トレーニング トレーニング トレーニング トレーニング トレーニング????たた な 挑戦????‍♀, たた な 感情… そして, puma でも たた な コレクション が 始まり ます????????????そして, たた な puma の インスタグラム アカウント @ @pumarussia ✔ # summer # new season # autumn # sport # workout # clothes #puma #pumarussia #foreverfaster

Publication from alina zagitova (@azagitova) 15 aug 2019 at 11:06 pdt

A positive audience reaction should signal that figure skating – a good place to attach sponsorship money, with the arrival of which the sport is loved by millions will get even more popular. And with her will come the development of youth sports schools and so on.

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